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Nakhon Sawan, Thailand - Wun, Juanita & Arnaud

And yet another long day of traveling . . .

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach our destination this day; however we were still blessed to meet another individual who’d be helping us out, in our time of need.

This time we had the pleasure of crossing paths with "Wun."

It’s actually very funny, because when I was about to start biting Arnaud’s head off for having had us get dropped off right in the middle of town as opposed to getting off earlier at a service station located right before the start of the big city, things instantly looked brighter for us.

So, our little problem, as I’ve already mentioned, was that we found ourselves in Nakhon Sawan, which is a rather big city and definitely not a place at which we’d intentionally choose to find ourselves! 

Anyhow, there we were, with no contact, no cash for a hotel, so now what??

"Same same, but different" . . . as the saying goes around here!

So as usual, Arnaud found a solution to our little problem.  We ended up catching a quick lift from a trucker, who was going in the direction we needed to go in as well.  Perfect!

He helped us out immensely by dropping us off at a service station nearby, and there you have it!

Well, not exactly!  For those of you who’ve been following our adventures, you’d probably think we set up camp there that evening, but no.  The Big Guy upstairs had other arrangements for us. 

You see, as we were trying to find the manager or simply anyone who spoke English, in hopes of explaining what we needed, we were blessed to meet this young gentleman, Wun, who turned out to be our guardian angel that night.

There he was, filling up his car, as we attempted to communicate our request with the gas station’s manager.  It was really too good to be true.

Arnaud decided to go up to him, in order to see if he spoke some English, in hopes of helping us in the translation.

He did more than that!  When he understood that we wanted to pitch our tent at the gas station, and had no "home" to sleep in, he instantly offered to have us stay with him.

Truly amazing!  Just like that, he opened up his home to complete strangers. 

I can still see his facial expression and hear the little English that he spoke, as he said, "You, my home!"  I'm still speechless over his good-heartedness.

Anyway, we spent the evening in great company.  This young fellow went out of his way to feed us, find someone else who spoke more English than he. All in all just make sure we felt at home.  A true Good Samaritan.  :)

We had a lovely evening attempting to decipher between Thai and English, and even took advantage of getting some Thai lessons at the same time. 

Our expressions would no longer be limited to just "Thank You!" and "Hello!"  Great!

We also were given some recommendations as to where to continue our adventure, if we wanted to see more spectacular things in Thailand.

And so, our next destination would now be Sukhothai . . . a place that according to our hosts couldn’t be missed!

Après avoir pris quelques bus pour sortir de la capitale, on arriva enfin sur l’autoroute du nord.

Et comme d’habitude la journée fut longue et difficile. On arriva à Nakhon Sawan en fin de soirée en plein centre ville.

Et arrivé pendant la nuit dans une grande ville, c’est jamais facile de trouver un endroit pour y planter la tente.

Cette station Shell me paraissait parfaite pour y dormir, le seul problème que j’avais, il me fallait trouver le patron et le plus important était qu’il comprenne ma requête.

Je trouvais la patronne qui bien sûr ne comprenait pas un mot de ce que je lui disais.

J’apercevais « Wun » qui faisait le plein de sa voiture, j’allais vers lui et lui expliquais mon problème et il me répondit tout simplement pourquoi vous ne viendriez pas chez moi.

Après avoir mis les sacs dans son coffre, on débarqua chez lui. Une grande maison dans laquelle ils vivaient avec des amis. Il était professeur dans le collège en face.

On passa la nuit à discuter, un des ses collègues qui était prof passa aussi nous faire un petit coucou. Elle était prof d’anglais, on en profita pour noter quelques expressions Thaï.

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Nakhon Sawan, Thailand - Wun, Juan…
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand - Wun, Jua…
Nakhon Sawan
photo by: rjgalvan77