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Dhaka, Bangladesh - Peux-tu trouver le blanc dans la foule ?!!

Quick stop in Dhaka, Bangladesh, before continuing onward to Katmandu, our first stop in Nepal.

Personally, I’m beginning to think that we made the right choice by passing through here before actually reaching the mystical lands of Nepal and India.

As we awaited our flight, it really hit me that we would be entering a completely new world.  Quite a strange feeling, really. 

Imagine being the only female passenger waiting to board the plane!!  Yep, that was the scenario I found myself in as we headed for Bangladesh!

Never in my lifetime had I been the only woman on a plane!  Well, let me take that back, there were a couple of women onboard as well . . . the female flight attendants, of course!! 

Still, very odd situation to find myself on a plane filled with only men for the most part.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Where is Arnaud?!
  And quite uncomfortable too.

I’m sure it wasn’t too easy for Arnaud, either.  There we were, the only woman and only white man, on a plane full of Muslims. 

No pun intended, but I’m sure many, many over-the-top fearful Americans would have felt quite uneasy on this plane!! No reason why, really, but I’m sure of that.  :(

Besides that bit of awkwardness, the flight went pretty smoothly.  At first we were a bit concerned, because for one, we had never really heard of the company we were flying with, and two because the plane was falling apart, literally.

Anyway, we tried not to focus on the broken or torn seats, or the missing or cracked pull-down tables.  And instead we relaxed the best we could, and just enjoyed the service on the plane, which actually was quite good.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Strange airplane experience!

The flight attendants came around passing out candies, and then the usual food and drinks that are provided.  And let me not forget to mention that the pilot did an excellent job.  That was a super plus for Arnaud, for sure, because lately, he’s been a bit on edge whenever he has to fly.

So, there was a happy-ending to our sketchy flight to Katmandu, and fortunately we arrived safe and sound and ready for a brand-new adventure in another far-away land.

C’était notre billet de sortie, le Bangladesh, on passa par là pour le Népal, par Dhaka. C’est ici que j’ai compris tout le sens de la file indienne.

Avant l’embarquement, tous les passagers étaient parfaitement alignés l’un derrière l’autre, et cette ligne s’étendait sur 200 mètres.

Et bien sûr les gens qui nous regardaient comme des extra-terrestres, voyant Juanita, elle qui, pour le temps d’un vol, allait être la seule femme de l’avion.

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