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Boquete, Panamá - Enjoying myself some yummy hojaldres!!!

Not an easy morning for us!!  We certainly had our workout for today!  Started out the day with a 3km hike to get out of the city and catch a ride to Boquete

No wonder we’re losing so much weight, and fast at that!  The walk was a tough one, considering the huge backpacks we have to lug!  

Funny thing was all throughout the walk, men were looking at my tiny self, in amazement.  A couple times I heard men say, "¡¡Ay amor, ese maletín es demasiado grande para ti!!"  And I just smiled and replied, "¡¡Ya ven como soy fuerte!!" 

Arnaud was particularly proud of me today because he knew it was rough, even for him.  Must be the Inca blood in me that makes me so tough!!  Ha!  :)  Having heard these comments, I’d hoped that maybe people would have some sympathy and give us a ride, but no!  

Hitching was not easy at all that morning!  We ended up having to wait nearly 2h before someone actually stopped to give us a lift!!  Not sure how easy it’s gonna be here!  

We’d had it so good up until now; I guess it’s only normal that things get a little more challenging for us.

Boquete, Panamá - In downtown Boquete . . .
  Things have to stay interesting, right?!

Anyway, we finally got on our way, and made it to Boquete by midday.  Once there, things went for the better.  We found a spot to sleep for the night, at a sweet lil’ old man’s place, just outside Boquete.  Good time!  Got to talking about all sorts of things and even had ourselves some nice wine!  Been a while!!

As for Boquete, for nature lovers, this is the place to visit; for all others, you may be better off skipping out on this town!  We were somewhat bummed to find out, all the town had to offer were hikes, cycling, and other activities of that sort. 

We were expecting something else, since we’d heard lots of talk about it.

Boquete, Panamá - Too much excitement in Boquete!!
  And not that we wouldn’t have enjoyed those sorts of activities, but remember that very morning we’d hiked a whole lot with our backpacks!  So, we weren’t really in any kind of mood to go hiking or anything like that.

What I would have enjoyed seeing, however, is the Indigenous community nearby.  An agency was offering a visit to an Indian village, but was asking a ridiculous amount of money to do so.  So, that was out!! 

I’d just have to settle for seeing them around the town!  And since our options were extremely limited, we just took a stroll around town and relaxed a bit.  Voilà for Boquete!

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Boquete, Panamá - Enjoying myself…
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