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David, Panamá - Epuisé!!!

We’ve made it to Panamá, home of the infamous Panama Canal and supposedly the United States of Latin America. 

It’s our last country before taking off from Central America and what a relief to know we’ve made it this far with no huge problems. 

Now here, it seems like a very bustling place, a little chaotic, but with a touch of organization.  

And funny to see that the U.S. dollar is also the currency used here, but for some reason the locals refer to it as the Balboa . . . looks like a dollar to me though!!

Anyway, crossing the border went smoothly, no hassles at all.  Only inconvenience was that we had to pay a small tax in order to get in . . . should be used to this by now . . . it’s Latin America!! 

Once through, we had to decide how to go about getting to Boquete, since the plan was to start off our visit here.

David, Panamá - Central Park in David
  But that was quickly resolved when we met a Canadian guy, by the name of Jon, who kindly suggested we visit his town, David, and to convince us further even offered to let us crash at his place free of charge! 

So that’s what we did!  Glad we did too, ’cause we had a fun time getting to know each other and all that good stuff.

As for David, the town is supposed to be popular among tourists, for what reason, I do not know because I personally found it to be quite a drag!  Not much to see and do there, besides sit at the park and look at the people passing by!

On a positive note though, we did have the chance to taste one of Panamá’s specialties, hojaldres with albondigas!!  Hmm hmm good!!  

It’s actually a breakfast food, but we had it for lunch instead, since it was a bit heavy.

David, Panamá - Jon & Kaiser
  Imagine eating fried dough with meatballs for breakfast!

With that said, time to continue onward to Boquete!

Arrivés à la frontière, on rencontre Jon, un québécois qui voyage depuis longtemps en Amérique Central, qui fait son bizz comme il peut.

Il nous a gentiment proposé de passer quelques jours chez lui à David. Il m’a appris à jouer mieux aux échecs, et un jeu universel dont je ne me rappelle pas le nom avec un morceau de bois pour compter les points et des cartes.

Un mec un peu speed mais sympa, avec une petite dédicace pour son chien Kaiser.

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David, Panamá - Epuisé!!!
David, Panamá - Epuisé!!!
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