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Gorakhpur, India - Public Pay Phone...anyone need to make a call?!

INCREDIBLE INDIA, here at last!!  After a rather noisy and chaotic border crossing experience, our first stop in India was at a town called, Gorakhpur. 

We hadn’t planned on stopping here, but due to the circumstances, we didn’t want to take any chances by traveling by night in a what appeared to be a pretty hectic country like India . . . just our first impression of this place, but hey better safe than sorry, right?!

Ok, back to first impressions . . . WOW!!!  If I had to go by what I’d heard, I’d have to agree that India will definitely be one of those countries that you either love or hate!!! 

Don’t get me wrong, I do plan on trying my hardest not to set my expectations too high and not to have any prejudices regarding this new country to be discovered.

Gorakhpur, India - Ah! Nothing better than a good 'ol Godfather beer!!
  From the little I know, in any case, I’m sure India will have a lot to offer.

And though, everything seems so disorderly and crazy, the folks seem quite friendly and curious, thus far. 

The smiles and welcoming nature of Indians have definitely eased any apprehension I may have had upon crossing the Nepalese-Indian border earlier today. 

Definitely think it’ll be a good thing I’m constantly getting mistaken for a local!! 

Still, not sure if traveling hand in hand with my chéri, who is very European, will come in handy in times of difficulty, but hey c’est la vie!  Only time will tell ;) !!

In any case, India will definitely prove to be anything but dull; with all its colors everywhere, its over-crowded streets, and let’s not forget the holy cows that freely roam the streets here! 

It’s gonna be an interesting moment here in the land of contrasts – overflowing with various cultures, religions, and traditions.

Gorakhpur, India - On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again...!

As far as Gorakhpur, not too much excitement, apart from the funny billboards we came across here and there; and let’s not forget the infrastructure that brought me back to our time in Benin (Check out the public pay phone in the pic below!!)

Hitchhiking seems to work beautifully here; so no problems there.  But as we weren’t able to reach our desired destination as planned, we ended up getting dropped off near the train station where we’d be able to easily find cheap accommodation . . . a shady part of town, offering cheap rooms and where cheap food stalls are abundant!  Great for us, Los Pobres!!  Hey, beggars can’t be choosers, haha!!  

No biggie, we’ve gotten used to dumpy-looking places like these by now!  Besides it’s only for the night, right?!! ;)

Tomorrow will be another fun-filled day, with new adventures to be experienced, no doubt!!

WOW, l’Inde, on y était après 14 mois de dur labeur, notre dernier pays sur la liste, un rêve pour Juanita, un pays supplémentaire pour moi.

La différence entre Juanita et moi, c’est l’histoire, elle adore cela, Gandhi, le Taj, Varanasi, les temples Hindous...

Pour ma part je laisse venir, n’ayant aucune connaissance du pays, je me laisse glisser doucement dans le cœur du pays, je goûte, j’écoute, j’observe et j’apprends.

On nous avait prévenu que les indiens étaient assez curieux de nature, assez collant aussi.

Mais notre expérience de la découverte nous avait appris à nous fier uniquement à notre propre jugement.

Et la majorité des « on dit » s’était avéré exagéré ou bien détourné, ou tout simplement inventé.

On pouvait voir la différence entre le Népal et l’Inde. Le monde, il y en avait partout des indiens, avec leurs moustaches, et les femmes ? Elles étaient où ? On ne voyait que des hommes.

Pour bien m’imprégner, il fallait que je goûte tout ce que je voyais, des beignets frits à l’oignon par exemple ou d’autres légumes que je n’arrivais pas à déceler. 

Juanita, quant à elle, préféré la facilité avec un sandwich à l’omelette, cela reste très basic mais surtout avec des prix très abordable.

Les gens nous regardaient comme d’habitude, d’un air curieux.

Le stop marchait comme sur des roulettes. La nourriture était fameuse et nouvelle, très épicée aussi. De nouveaux horizons, de nouvelles populations, une nouvelle culture à découvrir.

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Gorakhpur, India - Public Pay Phon…
Gorakhpur, India - Public Pay Pho…
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Gorakhpur, India - Ah! Nothing be…
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Gorakhpur, India - On the road ag…
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