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Ok, the rest of the trip is a blur...its been over a year at the time I am writing. So, I will fill in with some highlights and amusing stories!

We shopped a lot..knock off purses from street vendors, H&M, Urban Outfitters, SoHo for real shopping that we could afford and 5th Avenue for window shopping! H&M is everyone's new and trendy, and not in the South!

A Subway Fiasco: it was late and we were headed back to the apartment. We knew we had to get off at the next stop. However, the train accidentally stops at a closed station and the doors ope for a couple of seconds. Scott was so tired at that point that he stood up and got off the train, just in time to be left behind! The rest of us went on to the correct stop, and Scott had to walk thru the tunnell to get back! Jack, of course, was freaking out, and we werent sure what to do! We knew how to get back, but we werent sure about where to find Scott! And of course, his cell phone was not on him! We finally decied to walk back to the apartment, but he beat us there!

Jack Side Note: Jack was soooo nervous the whole time...he clung to Scott. Followed him around like a puppy, stepping on his heels even! It all came to a head when one night he comes out of the bedroom holding his nose...bleeding everywhere! He didnt know what to do, and Scott starts yelling at Cub to help him, but Cub is so shocked, he doesnt move fast enough! Well, instead of going to the kitchen sink that was a mere 3 feet away, Jack lumbers over Emily amd Heather's bed, smearing blood everywhere, to get to the bathroom. Everyone is flipping! Scott finally yells for nurse Steph to help because Jack cant get his nose to stop bleeding! In the aftermath, we had some bloody sheets, so we just threw them in the ally....poor Jack...


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