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I'm writing too much. Let's get this blog out of Bangkok, shall we?

Sunday I spent wandering aimlessly around Chinatown again.

On Monday I made my way out to the Queen Saovabha Memorial Insitute, a snake farm operated by the Thai Red Cross. It was shut. Tried to get into Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok's biggest sight and home of Thailand's holiest Buddha image. Also shut. Arse.

On Tuesday I tried again. Still avoiding taking taxis or tuk-tuks, so the journey out to the Snake Farm was a convoluted but interesting one: walk to the river, a boat to Chinatown, walk to the railway station, get the subway to some stop and walk across about thirty-one lanes of traffic to get to the institute. I liked the subway, though. Next time aliens land on earth I'm going to take them for a ride on the London Underground in summer, then a ride on the Bangkok subway, and then make them guess which system serves the capital of the fifth largest economy in the world. And I'll laugh in their stupid green faces when they get it wrong. Snake farm was cool, but not really cool enough to blog about.

On Tuesday night I got drunk and lost my wallet and the key for the padlock on my locker. On Wednesday morning I got the guy at reception to bust my locker open - the lock was a cheap piece of crap I'd brought from home - and my wallet was inside. On Wednesday afternoon I found my locker key under some stuff in my room. Didn't do much with Wednesday other than that.

On Thursday I missed the train to Kanchanaburi, which left ten minutes earlier than the Lonely Planet said it would. My present, grizzled-traveller self looks back at my touching faith in the LP in those days and shakes his head fondly.

On Friday, I left Bangkok. Woo!
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photo by: Deats