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Which was the point, you see. The Lonely Plagiarist reckons Xiahe (buggered if I know how travbuddy is spelling it) is worth a visit if you can't get to Tibet, and at this point I was still intending to go to Pakistan instead of Tibet. So I went to Xiahe.

And I'm glad I did, cos it was a lovely little place. And also cos I ran into Jen, the sound Canadian I'd got pissed up with in Xi'an. She came up behind me while I was farting about online (as I do) and said, "You do spend too much time on the internet, don't you?" Hiding my outrage, I agreed with her. I do spend too much time on the internet.

We spent the next two days in the town, eating Tibetan food and failing to rescue kittens that were stuck atop high walls. If you go to Xiahe make sure you walk the full-length kora behind the nunnery and up the hills around the town; it's fantastic. Don't get your hopes up for the Sangke grasslands though. Go to Mongolia instead. These grasslands have been turned into a Chinese tourist playground complete with cack music, horse rides and barbed-wire fences to keep you on the right track. Walk for half an hour t escape the bastards, though, and it's nice.

Never ceases to amaze me the amount of shite the Chinese are willing - even happy - to put up with when they're on holiday. I suspect I'll be coming back to this thought as I update the blog...
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photo by: philippe84