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Found a room in Chiang Mai at the fourth attempt. It was late evening and my body wanted bed. Had dinner at Mike's Burgers - CONVERTING VEGETARIANS SINCE 1979 - then crashed out. In the morning I took my camera to an official Canon shop where they told me they couldn't fix it, and then to a back-street camera repair place that reckoned they could. Predictably they didn't fix it; they just gutted it of any working parts and game me the shell back. Oh well. A couple of days later I bought a new one: exactly the same model as I'd broken, for exactly the same as it had cost in England.

I ended up spending five nights in the city this time round. Every time I was about to leave, something would come up and persuade me to stay. What struck me at first was how many white people there were; without noticing, I'd got used to being away from the main tourist trail. I bought books (including an Iain M. Banks one called Against A Dark Background that was one of the best things I've ever read) and anti-malarials. I ate chilli at Mike's Burgers, soup at local restaurants and curry from the night market. I got drunk on Beer Chang and talked to an Algerian nobhead; I got ranted at by a maniac from Greenland about how if people wanted to commit suicide, we should just fucking let them. I ran away. I looked around some interesting temples and I did a bungy jump. Which was great. I even had the second alcohol-free day of my trip. My body was so unused to going to bed sober that I slept pretty badly that night.

By the time I tore myself away, I'd completely changed my opinion of Chiang Mai. The place is great.
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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes