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The Lonely Plagiarist reckoned the bus from Xi'an to Tianshui would take about six hours; for some reason I'd got it into my head that it'd take four. It took eight, including an hour's wait sat at the side of a motorway. Not ideal. At least the bus was fairly comfortable, by Chinese standards - my knees merely touched the back of the seat in front, rather than digging into it.

We'd left Xi'an at half one in the afternoon and arrived (get yer calculator out) at half nine. This wasn't ideal either. Looking for a room in a new city is about my least favourite aspect of 'travel' and my experience in Tianshui was as big a pain in the arse as it got. All I wanted was a room for fifty kuai - about three pound thirty - but it took a good hour or two, much of which time I was being followed by a taxi driver in a red t-shirt who was ostentatiously pointing at me and laughing and stopping other taxi drivers from helping me. I really, really, really wanted to hit him, but I didn't, because I'm a nice guy.

Got a room in the end, and went straight to bed.

In the morning, I left the town. I was there partly to see some Silk Road grottoes that were meant to be worth seeing, but (more importantly) just to break the journey to Lanzhou so I didnt have to get a sleeper bus. An email from a Canadian I'd met in Xi'an informed me that these grottoes weren't unmissable, so I missed them.

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photo by: kevt76