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I made a friend last night. On the KSR, a little east Asian guy came up to me and asked if I knew where to buy scuba diving equipment. Of course I didn't - why would I? - but he stuck with me, making conversation. He was from Bali, he said, staying with relatives here that he hadn't seen for years. And I didn't trust him. It was the way he got me talking and kept me talking. It just didn't feel right.

And wouldn't you know, it was his birthday tomorrow. Did I want to go to the weekend market with him? I said yes, and bailed on the conversation.

The next day I left the KSR, and have barely walked along it since. In the course of my exploration I'd found a street called Soi Rambutri - probably only one or two levels down from the KSR in the touristiness stakes, but the atmosphere was vastly more to my liking and there were far fewer tossers there. Checked out of an air-con en-suite room and into a tiny cell with a fan and a toilet down the hall. Yeah! This is more like it. I think.

Spent a bit of time online once I'd dumped my stuff, talking to my pet internet message board. I'd asked them last night whether I was being paranoid about my 'Balinese' mate; consensus was a resounding no. Trust your instincts, they said. I didn't go meet him for his birthday trip to the market.

Ran into him a bit later, though. Unfortunately. Told him some lie about having slept in with a hangover and missed our rendezvous. Asked whether he'd been to the market alone; he had. It was very... big. Now he was going to his relatives' to play cards; did I want to come and get a hell of a lot of money scammed out of me?

I declined with thanks, and never saw him again.
Stigen says:
I've stayed in those cells....seriously claustrophobic it is..
Posted on: Apr 06, 2011
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