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I'm sure the number of views on this blog aren't rising as quickly as they used to. Time to pick up the pace. I NEARLY GOT KILLED BY A MONKEY, PEOPLE!

Not really. And if I had it would have been my own silly fault for going to Lopburi in the first place. Those little simian bastards can carry rabies, you know. Luckily I never got bitten by one.

In order to get used to lower order primates before my arrival in monkey town, I visited Lopburi with an Australian. We got off the bus on our arrival and consulted the map to find out where the monkeys were. Then we noticed that half a dozen of them were walking along a wall about twenty yards away. They're great, aren't they? Monkeys, I mean, not Australians. Like babies, only perkier and with more hair. And slightly more likely to bite you. I love 'em.

In Lopburi, there's a whole troop (or something) of them living in a half-ruined temple in the middle of town. You pay your twenty-odd Baht to get in and you're issued with a stick to ward them off with. And then they sell you some peanuts to feed them. Bugger mixed messages, there's money to be had. These monkeys - maybe eighteen inches tall, the biggest of them - were used to edgy tourists giveing them food, and were perfectly willing to come up and take nuts out of your hand. They didn't have claws, they had fingernails. I felt like David Attenborough.

These monkeys, you see, have seen it all. Wordly, jaded monkeys. There are a lot of them and it can be unnerving when they're all advancing at once - back off you little buggers! So you wave your stick at them and they barely even back away. You wave the stick again and one of the little ones grabs it and climbs up it. So you wave it some more and eventually the little one's mum comes and takes the little one in her arms, bares her teeth at you - "Watch it, nobhead" - then withdraws. Repeat. They'll climb up onto your shoulder and pose for your camera. It's great. Unfortunately I then burned my photos onto a CD which got buggered. Dammit.

Still. If you go to Bangkok, go to Lopburi, feed the monkeys and let them climb on you. Some people don't like it; they refuse to feed them. These people are wimps and should be pitied. That is all.
Stigen says:
I love Lopbury ! such great fun with all the crazy monkeys. The local monkey charity has vaccinated them all for rabies.
Posted on: Apr 06, 2011
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photo by: Stigen