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I spent the next two days hanging around on the Khao San Road and not doing anything much. I was, after all, on holiday. Let's not kid outselves that a few months on the south-east Asian tourist trail constitutes any sort of voyage of discovery.

On the third day I got a boat down the river to Chinatown, a packed, chaotic scramble of streets and alleyways and markets that's like the way you imagine Asia before you've been there. I saw about eight westerners all day, and one guy in a Bin Laden t-shirt. Who, to be fair to him, didn't try to kill me. All the writing on the signs was in Chinese, and all the market stalls sold footstuffs I couldn't begin to identify. This was a world away from Birmingham; it was even a world away from anything I'd seen of Bangkok so far. Wandered aimlessly around, loving it.

Predictably, though, I got lost. Chinatown faded away and I found myself walking through industrial back-street Bangkok. Couldn't work out where I was for the life of me, but I didn't trust the tuk-tuk drivers to help so I just carried on walking. Put my MP3 player on and tried to look like I knew where on God's earth I was. Walking past car engine workshops and under flyovers; yeah, this is where I meant to come. No worries. Leave me alone.

Finally I found a Latin-alphabet sign and worked my way to the river. Back to the Khao San Road, knackered and oozing relief.
Stigen says:
Khao san is great fun, as long as you don't expect a genuine thai experience...expect to see tourists...lots of them...
Posted on: Apr 06, 2011
mctamina says:
"Wandered aimlessly around, loving it." I love it too.
Posted on: Apr 03, 2011
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