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My train for the seven-hour journey to Chiang Mai was three carriages long and mine was the only seat free on it. The rest of my carriage was full of schoolgirls, maybe sixteen years old, mostly asleep when I boarded. But as the sun set and the evening wore on, they started to wake up.

There was a clear leader amongst these girls. She was hefty, with bad skin, but she'd become alpha female through sheer force of personality. She'll probably be a Pacific Rim millionaire by 2010 but now she was coming up to me asking me to sing a song. I declined and she looked crushed, but she came back five minutes later to offer me a hundred Baht to sing a song about one little Indian. Or something. I'd no idea what she was on about so I declined again, and she went back to her seat to lead her classmates in song. They went on for hours, raucous, giggling, clearly enjoying themselves. At times they were literally dancing in the aisles. When it all got too high-pitched I put my headphones on and drowned them out, but sometimes they were quite lovely to listen to.

As we neared Chiang Mai, one of the teachers told me the girl's name and got me to repeat it as her classmates shrieked. She blew me a kiss and told me she loved me; asked if I loved her. "Always," I replied. I have no idea what was going on in her head.
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The train to Chiang Mai