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You couldn't take pictures of the Emerald Buddha, but if you imagine this one was smaller and green you'll get some idea
Chiang Rai was an interesting place, once I'd got the hang of it. When I arrived I had no small change at all; only thousand-Baht notes, worth about fifteen quid, which you can never change anywhere but the 7-Eleven.  No tuk-tuk driver would have taken one (or at least, he might have taken it, but he wouldn't have given me any change) so I had to walk into town. It took ages for me to work out where I was. For quite a while after I thought I'd worked out where I was, I hadn't.

I only spent one night in the town, in possibly the nicest room I had in Thailand. Unfortunately I didn't realise when I checked in that the place overlooked Chiang Mai's girly bar strip. Two doors down there was such a bar with a girl pole-dancing; so far as I could tell she was the only person in the place. There was something faintly depressing about this.

Visited Wat Phra Kaew, which used to house the holiest Buddha image in the country. That statue has seen more of south-east Asia than I ever will. Created in India (according to legend), it got shipwrecked on the way between Sri Lanka and Burma and washed up in Cambodia. It resided in Angkor, in Vientiane and in any number of ancient Thai cities. Now it's in Bangkok, and when I was there there was some religious service stopping me getting in to see it. But there's a replica here in Chiang Rai, and it's nothing if not striking; it's a Buddha, but it's bright green. That was about it for the town; meanwhile, at home, the Villa won their first game in thirteen. Hurrah!
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You couldnt take pictures of the …
You couldn't take pictures of the…
Chiang Rai
photo by: Pearl510