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   Took a boat trip on my fourth day in Sihanoukville. Cost me all of ten dollars and when I booked it I thought it was just a boat to Bamboo Island in the morning and a boat back to Serendipity Beach in the afternoon. Turns out there was some snorkelling and a meal thrown in, and I’d got rather a better deal than I’d realised I was paying for.


I’d never been snorkelling before, not really. I’d floated face-down in the water with a snorkel on, but – here’s the thing – never anywhere where there was anything to see. Just Greek beaches with inch-long fish barrelling about. Here, by contrast, there was coral and colourful fish… and sea urchins. Not the innocent little things you get at the English seaside, but great big malevolent-looking bastards the size of bowling balls, looking like they’d take pleasure in leaving a spike in your foot. We didn’t stay long but I was racking up those new experiences – and that (at least in part) is why I was here.


We set sail for Bamboo Island, returned to rescue a German guy we’d managed to leave behind, and finally made it to our destination: a shady palm beach with crystal clear water lapping against it. Green tropical islands floated in the background. I didn’t deliberately avoid the Thai coast, you know; I wish I’d managed to spend a few weeks there. Oh well.


There were beach huts on the island and I would have loved to have spent the night there, drinking beer on the beach. But I didn’t have time. I had to get to Siem Reap.

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