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Stefan, me, Plamena, Ivan, Panaiot, Baba Gani, and my mom :-) heading out to the wedding

Alright, Im going to keep this one short as it was probably the longest and most tiring of all! I love weddings and all...and tradition is awesome! But.....enough is enough! A whole day of traditions and you can easily get sick! :-)

The wedding was beautiful, unfortunately I was extremely sick by then, which didnt exactly make it a fully comfortable and pleasant experience, though I am sure it probably would have been otherwise. After for the first time having a full nights sleep in a bed I woke up to a house full of people, all family, and most of which I didnt remember ever meeting.

After I got all prettied up, I walked into the livingroom to find a couple of cousins, aunts, uncles, and all kinds of other people. They are all such down to earth and wonderful people.

My brother and I, with my uncle Mitko (the policeman) doing bunny years on us
It was a pleasure to sit and catch up with them on everything that has been going on in our lives since we last saw eachother over 17 years ago (mind you at that point I dont think I remember much).

From my grandmothers house we went to the courthouse, where there was an army of brides trying to get their turn to get married, and all of their wedding guests. The ceremony was beautifully said, very long, and touching. At that point we moved onto the chuch where a wonderful drunk priest read from the bible and sent them on their way to their party.

The party needs a couple of pages of its own as there was tradition after tradition. At which point my stomach and body were failing me alltogether, and I spent most of the night outside smoking cigarettes and drinking beer out of very big bottles. Not exactly helping my sittuation. However, I wasnt alone, as the night wore on more and more people went outside to escape the heat and traditional attacks. :-) It would have been a great thing for me to experience, but I just wasnt feeling that great, which i do regret.

Wedding was great! The couple are happy! And I got to meet my family. Aside from that, my stay in Sofia was quite short, we left back tot he coast the next morning. Though it did take us a while to reach it as you will soon read.

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Stefan, me, Plamena, Ivan, Panaiot…
Stefan, me, Plamena, Ivan, Panaio…
My brother and I, with my uncle Mi…
My brother and I, with my uncle M…
My mom, grandma, and lelia Niki
My mom, grandma, and lelia Niki
My cousin Krassi and my brother
My cousin Krassi and my brother
Zori and my cousin Nikolai
Zori and my cousin Nikolai
photo by: EmEm