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From Miami to Fazanovo!

Well, it was our last night on the coast, and of course, we had to go with a bang and headed out to the Zangador once we ate and relaxed a little. This was to be a very special night, as two people from Fazanovo that we grew up with joined us.

Stefan and I arrived first and ordered our drinks, and waited by the bar for the gang. Finally, Itso, our neighbor from accross the street and Kamelia showed up with a group of people I did not know. After everyone got aquainted, we all sat down on the floaty and caught up and ordered another round of drinks.

My brother had an awesome idea of sending out a salute from Miami to Fazanovo on all the TV screens and projectors and sent me out to request it.

Camelia being shy
However, we didnt think about it costing anything and I was met with a stern look when they put their hand out for the money and I had nothing. It was time to work the charm :-D I started telling them about how we are here from Miami, and that I've been to all the clubs there and have never been to such an amazing place, and how this was the only club we went to on our whole trip because it was the best...and bla bla bla. Finally ending it with...come on....its not about the money, but you see ( I pointed out to where we were dancing on the OTHER side of the club)...we are all the way over there...and that would mean I would have to run all the way there, pick up the money and run back..I want to save my energy for dancing! hahaha! The guy at this point cracked up and said he'll take care of it.
Once I finally returned to my brother, and told him what happened, he gave me 20 leva and said to tip him the 10 (as it was 10 for the salute). So.........I ran back to the DJ booth and handed the guy the 20 leva, and thanked him for being nice enough to give it for free, and for that I am giving him another 10. The smile on that boys face! Priceless! :-D

At this point I kind of got bored with sitting and screaming back and forth at eachother and got up to dance, where the rest of the girls of the group joined us. They didnt stick around for long, as they had to leave early in the morning. We danced for a couple of hours and just had a great time being around eachother again after all these years.

At this point I grabbed another 10 leva that I had and made another salute, this time from Bori to Stefan :-D he was very happy about it :-D

When they left my brother and I continued to dance and just meet random people at the club. Being our last night, we figured we'd stick around until the last minute, however, after walking all around Sozopol all day after about 2-3 hours we were dead tired and headed home.  

It was an awesome way to end our beach vacation :-D

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From Miami to Fazanovo!
From Miami to Fazanovo!
Camelia being shy
Camelia being shy
photo by: boriana84