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Stefan hugging the floaty

After everyone was nicely sittuated, we managed to pull ourselves together and head out to the beach again. We figured we'd try something different and headed out looking for a new beach.

We knew somewhere around in Kiten was a great beach, however, it has been so long that we couldnt remember exactly where. After driving around, and thinking that we've gotten lost, we ended up going down a tiny little road through the forest and ended up on top of a cliff overlooking a beautiful calm beach, PACKED with people (unfortunately, its very difficult to find an empty one nowadays). They had rental paddleboats, 3 bars, and crystal clear waters. It was such a party little beach. Music blasting from each bar, young people everywhere, and plenty of drinks to go around.

We were planning on sticking around to the side where it was a bit emptier, however we wanted to go and rent a paddleboat...unfortunately our cousin was very unsure about it, and quite afraid of those things, and going in the deep water in general, that we decided against it. At that point we got quite lazy and decided against going back to the empty part and grabbed a little umbrella because we didnt want to get burned more.

After grabbing a couple of drinks, talked a while, we headed into the water. It was so calm! Just like a lake, soft rolling waves, and the water was so clear and calm. We waded for a while, and I let my cousin take the little floaty thing while I swam and floated on my back a little when I felt an aweful sting! I was being attacked by a giant jellie! The moster was stuck on me and wouldnt let go! Though, I knew how freaked out my cousin was of the jellies, that I just very calmly turned his float around and told him that I wanted to get out of the water.

..finally while on the sand I told him that a jellie fish attacked me. He didnt go back in the water after that. haha.

It was such a great little place, the music was wonderful, the type of music they play at the Zangador which was awesome.

Finally around about 5 pm my cousin received an emergency call from the army and they notified him that he had to get there right away because the mountain where his post is located was burning down, and he needs to go and help stop the fire. We packed everything as quick as possible, and he dropped us off at the nearby bus stop apologizing that he has to leave at such haste. We bid our goodbyes and insisted that we wont let that many years go by before we see eachother again. And the last of our cousing, Panaiot, was seen as he drove away.

A wierd sadness ovecame me. I dont really have much family here, aside from my immediate family. In the village/town that my cousins live there are at least 5-7 families all related to eachother. Every other person in the village is a cousin of some sort. Being surrounded by so much family, and having so many different people around you all the time, but all being bound to you by blood must be amazing. I have missed out on amazing bonds over these years, bonds which will be hard to get back. I realized I had such amazing family back here in Bulgaria, that I have had no connection to in so long, and I've missed so much of their lives, the way they've missed so much of mine. I wanted to share everything with them, tell them of all of my experiences and all the places and things I've seen....and I wanted to know all about their lives and experiences. It was really a special moment for me, realizing all of this, and knowing that with this trip, I got my family back.

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Stefan hugging the floaty
Stefan hugging the floaty
Beautiful clear waters
Beautiful clear waters
My brother playing with the reflec…
My brother playing with the refle…
My cousin and I actin ghetto
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Trying on my brothers hat and my …
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