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My mom investigating :-)

Well, after being on the road for two days, we were dreaming of heading back to Fazanovo, taking a nice long shower, and relaxing a little.

Unfortunately, they had other plans......As we were driving up the little twisted slopes, we started to notice smoke coming from the village. And as we finally reached that last little hill where we have a full view of the village we realized its coming right around where my grandmothers house is. Freaking out after our horrid experience seeing all of the wildfires on our way back my brother stepped on the gas and sped to the village.

Fortunately enough, it wasnt my grandmothers house, but in the center near an abandoned house. Our lovely friend Blagovest had decided to burn his trash (as regular trash pickup is scarce), however he didnt think about the fact that its bruling hot outside,and that it could spread.

On top of it, he lit the fire right next to an old tree, and long the fence of the neighboring house, which has been deserted since I left Bulgaria over 15 years ago. Needless to say, its yard was covered in dry weeds and the wind picked up his little garbage fire and put the place aflame.

So, while this is all going on, the whole village is running with buckets of water and hoses from all the nearby houses, kids are running around and stomping out little firest, and everyone is just hustling to stop this craziness...while our little quietly watering his flowers lining his neighbors fence so they dont get burnt!!!!!

He has had his house under construction for over 25 years now, and is building his little castle since I can remember. So I ran in and stole a couple of his shovels, and started digging into the cement pile he had bought and left outside for the construction and started throwing it on top of the fire, which he answered to with painful shreiks because he paid for it.

Saying that it wont stop the fire, and that it was useless, and how Im wasting his materials. At this I told him to go to hell and continued, giving shovels to anyone around me and instructing them to do the same.

Once the fire was out, everyone looked at their work with satisfaction, only to discover that there was smoke coming out of the deserted house.  At which hoses came out again, and the work continued until it was fully soaked and no smoke came out anymore.

An end to an interesting night. In one night my views of my beautiful little villiage went downt he drain, as afterwards I decided to go to the tavern and have a beer and met with a couple of locals, which of course I got in a suffle with, as I was a little cranked from the fire and my lovely neighbors laziness and disregard.

By the time I hit the bed I was satisfied that the day was over and I could look forward to a beautiful new day in the morning. Which eventually came :-)

boriana84 says:
hahah! You know it! Of course...the next day we worked it out, he gave me a bottle of homemade rakia and we got drunk and made up hahahaha....or something along those lines...its common in the village to hate one another one day and drink together and forget it all the next hahah
Posted on: Aug 25, 2007
rotorhead85 says:
I guess every town has neighbors who we can do without!
Posted on: Aug 25, 2007
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My mom investigating :-)
My mom investigating :-)
photo by: boriana84