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Most important thing to remember while traveling to Bulgaria, especially if its with AllItalia, YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CLOTHES IN YOUR CARRY-ON! They lost my luggage and I had forgotten to put extra clothes in my carry-on in case this should happen. Also, make sure there is nothing too important in there in the case its not found.

Personally, Im not a big fan of Sofia. Its quite dirty, the people are extremely rude (primarily because they are overworked and underpaid), and the only great part about it is Downtown, and it takes about 4 hours to see it all.

I arrived around 6:30, however the ordeal with my luggage had me out of the airport around 8-ish. My grandmother and cousin just about had a heartattack, thinking I missed my flight or got on the wrong one. Fortunately that wasn't the case and we grabbed the first cab to their apartment. As soon as I arrived at the apartment I urged my grandmother to get me a contact for a last minute bus ticket to Lozenets, a beachside village about 2 hours south of Burgas. I usually do not travel by bus, and honestly I've always refused because you cannot get up, there are no bathrooms, cant smoke, and are stuck next to another person for about 8 hours. Which isnt exactly pleasant as you have just gotten off a flight for the past 14 hours. The trains are of course, much dirtier, not as safe, quite slower, no airconditioner, and the people that cant afford the busses go, so its a bit shady. But the experience is amazing, especially if you take a day train. You see the beautiful countryside and can walk around as much as you like. And yes, the old carts still have the windows you can open and you can smoke a cigarette, and of course there are bathrooms (holes in the floor of the train in a tiny room). Either way, its a much better experience than the bus.

However, on this particular trip it was necessary that I take the bus, as I had just arrived from my trip from Miami, it was 8:30, and the night trains arent very safe or comfortable, and it was very important I got out of Sofia ASAP as I have only 2 weeks, and Im not going to waste a day traveling. So I grabbed the first bus out of Sofia to the coast at 10:30.

Quite comfortable I must say. The trip was smooth, and I ended up next to a really great girl, and we ended up talking all night, which didnt exactly help my exhaustion at that point. But the conversation was good, and it helped the time pass as I really count get to sleep. Just keep one thing in mind while traveling cross country in Bulgaria by bus. THEY STOP ONLY ONCE in 8 hours! So, keep the water and liquids in general to a minimum! Trust me, it gets painful. And as far as eating, the bathrooms arent exactly for shitting purposes, and not exactly the most comfortable for pulling out a book. :-)

Needless to say, aside from the slight wait to use the bathroom, everything else was great of the trip. The seats are comfortable and recline, good A/C, a little too good maybe, and they show a movie, maybe two, but I passed out.

Finally after about 8 hours on the road, we reached Lozenets, where both the girl I was traveling with and I got off, and my brother met me with the car in the parkinglot. He had not gone home that night, as the clubs in the area are some of the best! Which you will see pictures on the next post. :-)

boriana84 says:
The trains just have a lot more character....and you meet more "real" coming in from the city, gypsies, and students as its much cheaper. Well, I spend a lot of time in Lozenets, from back when I was very young, as its the "town" right next to our village, but you are right, the beach is kind of pphhhhh....the beach is packed and it just doesnt have much of an atmosphere...just over the rocks on the north side of the public beach, if you climb over them, theres a tiny tiny beach in the cliff face, I dont know if its still there because the water levels have gone up, but it was really great....we didnt get a chance to go this time around. As far as the town of Lozenets....aside from going grocery shopping, eating at the restaurant in the center (they have great kiufte) and worse case scenario going to the really isnt anything special
Posted on: Sep 07, 2007
george_k says:
You are right about trains - however the experience in them often if worth it as most young people in the country seem to prefer them. As about Lozenets - did you like it there ? I went once this summer - and honestly the beach was not perfect and the city was weird in a way . Still as I said these are impressions from one single day .
Posted on: Sep 07, 2007
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