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Brenden in front of Sherwood Forest sign.

Brenden, Maya, and I went to the Robin Hood Festival in Nottingham.  "The Plan" (me & brenden) was to go to Sherwood forest and find someone selling venison.  We wanted to commemorate the Merry Men's meals.  But that didn't happen.  No one at the festival had deer meat.  Does anyone else find it odd that no one else thought to sell deer meat at the Robin Hood festival?

Well it was the last day of the festival.  Us and about fifty thousand other people are there.  We got directed to a pretty good parking spot.  Festival admission was free, you had to pay three pounds for parking.  Not a bad deal.

While there we went through all the little shops and displays.

  We stopped and looked at all the little trinkets being sold.  Ate the roasted corn-on-the-cob and ice creams.

The festival itself was kinda small I think.  I expected a lot more performers, concession stands, activities.  I made the comment that "To see a proper commercialization of a rennaissance festival you have to come to the states."  It got a giggle out of Maya, who has been to a rennaissance festival in the states.

Near the end of the loop (the festival was set up in a big circle) we saw a sign for "Major Oak".  It's the tree where Robin and his men would meet up.  You can't have an organization without meetings.  Anyways, we see a sign with an arrow "Major Oak - 20 min".  Holy crap.  Five minutes equals anywhere between twenty to forty-five minutes here.

Me and Brenden at "Major Oak" where Robin Hood and his dudes would have their meetings.
  We do the quick math:  we could potentially be walking for up to three hours!  I adjusted the straps on my backpack, Maya took a quick swig of water, Brenden put fresh batteries in his camera, and we set off.

As it turns out, the walk to Major Oak wasn't that bad.  And it didn't take three hours.  We got there in about thirty minutes.  I wonder who made their sign for them...

So we visited the tree (that is one major oak. ha! ha!), wandered around the little tents and looked at stuff being sold by the vendor's, and bumped into some of our friends.  At the end of the day we were ready to go home.  The Robin Hood festival was a good time.  It is so very cool to see first-hand stuff that I've only seen on television before.

Maya about to send an arrow hither through yon King.
  Eddie Izzard once said during one of his shows "This is where the history's from."  Now I can say I've been there and seen that.

MONDAY - 6 Aug 2007

Ok, I didn't want to create a new entry just for this but...  When we got back to Cambridge and told everybody about going to Nottingham one of the guys asks "Did you go to hooter's?"  blink.  blink.  There was a Hooter's there?  How cool would it be to go to Hooter's Nottingham?  Well, we found out 'cause we went.  Well, Brenden and I went.  Maya wasn't interested in going.  Hm, she must not like chicken wings.

So we go.  We drive past it a couple times because you can't get there from the street it's on.

Me and Brenden at Hooter's Nottingham
  You have to go PAST it, AROUND the corner and into the secret entrance to the parking lot.  Sort of like a test where you have to prove your worthiness to eat there.  Brenden (a Hooter's connoisseur) points out the differences in this Hooter's and the previous ones he pretty much lives in.  He also knows the menu by heart.  Including prices.  Our server/waitress is Helen and she did a good job keeping the Guinness (for Brenden) and Sprite (for me) on the table.  After dinner the girls were nice enough to have a picture with us.

Hooter's is about eighty-five miles from Cambridge.  An hour and a half drive.  We only did it because it's Hooter's Nottingham.  The very same Hooter's Robin Hood went to back-in-the-day.  It's also the very first Hooter's in the U.K. I read somewhere.

After another hour and a half, eighty-five mile drive, we're back at our hotel.  Another successful day.  Qappla!

Kate_Rach says:
Did you happen to make it to Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem, the bar right by the castle. Supposedly, it's one of Britain's oldest pubs!
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
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Brenden in front of Sherwood Fores…
Brenden in front of Sherwood Fore…
Me and Brenden at Major Oak wher…
Me and Brenden at "Major Oak" whe…
Maya about to send an arrow hither…
Maya about to send an arrow hithe…
Me and Brenden at Hooters Notting…
Me and Brenden at Hooter's Nottin…
Welcome to Sherwood Forest!
Welcome to Sherwood Forest!
photo by: delpumu