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The street venders put fruit in a bowl. Each bowl costs one pound.

Ok, so my plan was to stay at the Marriott in London.  There's one right next to the London Eye.  Maya and I get to the front desk and start talking to the clerk and she says "Rooms are three hundred pounds per night."  After blinking at her for a few seconds we decided to not stay there.  So I ask the clerk to check prices at other Marriott hotels.  She finds us a room for one hundred pounds.  It's in Kilburn, a short subway ride away.  The clerk tells us "When you come out of the station go up the hill.  It's a five minute walk."

So.  (fast forward) We come out of the station and start walking up the hill.

You know... I was "thiiisss" close to buying a bowl of fruit.
  The scenery starts changing from restaurants/stores to apartment bldgs.  And the area gets darker.  And there's less people walking around.  And it doesn't look like a place where you'd put a hotel. 

We find another couple walking and ask them if there is a hotel nearby.  The guy says that there's a hotel just five minutes down the road (we're on the downhill side of the hill at this point).  I've noticed people here use "five minutes" to measure just about everything.

"How far away is the hotel?"  "just five minutes"

"When will the next bus come?"  "in about five minutes"

"How long does it take for the sun to go accross the sky?"  "I'd say about five minutes."

Anyways, we walk a little further and sure enough there is a hotel.  It's a Bed & Breakfast but it has the "no vacanacy" sign up.  We've been walking for about thirty minutes.  We see a corner grocery shop and go in to ask the clerk where the hotel is.  The clerk tells us that we've been walking in the wrong direction.  The Marriott is the "other" way.  I ask him how far and, yep, you guessed it.  "Five minutes."

So we start walking the other way.  Maya makes some choice comments about the clerk's inability to give directions.  We pass our starting point and keep going.  There are a few pubs open and people out on the sidewalk but we don't stop.  We're on a mission.  After about twenty more minutes walking we find our hotel.  We check in, go to our room, fill out the little breakfast delivery thing and hang it on the door, shower, then crash.

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The street venders put fruit in a …
The street venders put fruit in a…
You know... I was thiiisss close…
You know... I was "thiiisss" clos…
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