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One thing to watch out for when you're on an open-top double decker bus: bridges.

We made it to Cardiff, Wales.  As we drove in we found a local Welsh radio station and listened to it on the way in.  Welsh language doesn't sound like any other language you will ever hear.  Even with a basic knowledge of a handfull of other languages there is nothing you can liken it to.

In Cardiff we stayed at the Holiday Inn along the river.  Five minutes walk to the Millenium Center and Mermaid Quay.  No, it was actually eight minutes.  Both the center and the quay are situated right on the edge of the bay.  Think of a boardwalk, all the shops right there along the water.

Good news:  There's a Starbucks there.  We stopped there about three times to stock up on provisions.

that's one big lens

Another good thing about Mermaid Quay is there is a City Sightseeing Tour bus stop there.  It cost us eight pounds each.

This is really one of the better ways to get a good idea of what's in the city.  You sit on a double-decker bus and look around and take pictures of stuff while the tourguide chats about the stuff you're looking at.  Here's how good this is:  as we're going through the city we see... a kaiten sushi place.  It's sushi on a conveyor belt.  I whip out my GPS and start a breadcrumb (trail).  Once the busride was over, we got to the car and beelined straight back to the sushi place for lunch.

Oh by the way, the bus is usually on/off.  What that means is you can get off the bus at one of it's stops, go look around (hang on to your receipt), and get back onto the next bus when it comes. 

We did this when we got to Cardiff Castle.  We hopped off and joined a tour group for a guided tour inside the castle.  This was very interesting for me because I like looking at how buildings were built back then.  It was also interesting hearing how the castle-folk lived their day-to-day lives.

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One thing to watch out for when yo…
One thing to watch out for when y…
thats one big lens
that's one big lens
photo by: Vikram