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Just so you know, another great night in Cambridge.  A friend came into town so "the group" got together and went to Cambridge.  We parked along the street accross the river from King's College and strolled towards town.

The place where we ended up eating was called "Bella Italiano".  The food is great but it takes a long time to get your orders to your table.  Don't be too hungry when you get there, 'cause you're gonna wait.  The restaurant sits on the riverside.  While seated at our table outside we could see some boys fishing from a bridge.  (I'm not too sure there's any fish in there that are big enough to catch but sometimes I guess people just like to have a fishing pole in the water.


Anyways, we shared a "starter" (appetizer), an anti-pasto plate with meats and cheeses, olives, peppers.  It went really well with the wine the girls ordered.  Then our main courses came:  pizza, chicken and linguini, salmon and potatoes, and chicken and potatoes and more glasses of wine.  For desert it was some kind of ice cream bowls with chocolate, banans, caramel, toffe, and whipped cream.  A very nice dinner.

As the sun was setting, or rather, hiding behind some clouds it made a really neat effect of silhouetting a dragon perched on a rooftop of the restaurant next to ours.  I've tried to get that photo a couple of times but the lighting was never "just right".  I think it turned out well.

During the desert course we watched some cows come wandering over near the restaurant.

"I swear that cow came out of nowhere!"
  Behind the restaurant is a path that takes you to the park area where you can get on the punts, sit in the park accross from Charles Darwin's house, or sit riverside at The Anchor.  Well these cows just sort of wander around grazing.  In addition to eating the grass on the ground they also ate from the branches of the weeping willows on the bank.

We watched as some guys went over to the cows and tried feeding them different leaves and branches that they pulled off of trees.  The cows seemed kind of nervous at first but got used to them.  After a while, the cows expected everyone to feed them so they would start walking towards people, looking for food.  That can be upsetting to someone who has never had a thousand pound animal come at you.

After dinner we walked along the path back towards the lock (I think it's a lock) and eventually made our way into our hangout "The Anchor".  If you go into The Anchor from street level, as you walk in look to your left on the wall and you will see this plaue that tells you about how a band used to hang out there, play music and whatnot, and how this band eventually formed into Pink Floyd.  So, if you're a big Pink Floyd fan... 


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