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While zooming down the highway we see a sign:  Roman Baths

Now how can we just drive by without looking at some Roman baths?

The baths are in this TINY little town called Caerleon.  It was a modern building built over an archeological dig.  The baths are, as you would expect, in ruins.  It looked like they were in the middle of excavating all this ancient Roman stuff and someone says "Hey, why don't we put a building over this and charge people admission?"  Then everyone else in the group nodded their heads and when "OK."

It wasn't that bad a visit.  It was actually pretty interesting to see how the Romans lived back-in-the-day.  And you're into archeology, then this place would have rocked for you.

Note:  There are no bathrooms there.  I know; we're in a Roman Bath and there are no bathrooms.  Right up the street about 50 yards is a Roman Army Museum.  The bathrooms are in there.  It's free to get in.  Inside there are a couple of manequins dressed out in Roman Legionaire and Roman Legionaire "Commander" (I think) that you can get a good look at.

OK, AFTER you do the museum and baths, go down the street, back the way you came, and on the right you'll see a little area where there are lots of carvings and statues.  I'm having trouble finding the words to describe this place.  It's like a bunch of artists carved, built, drew, etc. their renditions of fairies, trolls, mythological creatures and put them all in this picnic area.  And, if you like the stuff you see, you can go right into their shops and purchase them.  More on this later...

To get out of this town is nuts.  The road you came in on is a one way road.  You have to continue going through town to get out.  Once you pass the city part and into the suburbs part the road is going to narrow into almost a one lane road.  I say almost because it isn't even big enough to be a one lane road.  Oh, and at this point it becomes two-way, so you're going to have cars coming from the other direction.  There are times where you are going to have to stop and peer around the corner to make sure a car isn't coming from the other direction and crawl around the corner.  And there will be times where you and another car will squeeze by each other.  Each car with two wheels off the road to make room for the other.  Make sure you have good car insurance when you try this.

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