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The Crown Hotel. My cottage is right behind it. Convenient, huh?

I've just flown into England and boy are my arms tired!  I got off the plane and made my way through customs.  "Anything to declare?"  "Not without my attorney present!"  "What?"  "Um, no, nothing to delcare."

I'm staying at The Crown Hotel and Restaurant but when I arrived it looked like it was out in the middle of nowhere but it's actually in a village called Mundford.  Which is in Thetford.  Which is in Norfolk.  Which is in Suffolk.  Huh?  If you don't have a GPS with you when you try to drive here, then don't even try finding it.

This is my house and my rental car. My room is the top right window.
  I think about 50 people actually live in Mundford.  The other 50 come in from the neighboring farms, villages, etc.

 The front wall of the house (and some of the interior walls) is made of flint.  They have a local flint mine a few miles away and most of the buildings here have flint walls.  I’m not sure this flint is “the flint” you hear about growing up where you can scrape steel against it and make a spark because I’ve scraped stuff on it trying to get a spark and got nuthin’.  Which, I guess, turned out to be a good thing.  I’m picturing someone walking around in their house and accidentally brushing against a wall and the entire house bursting into flame.

 Ok, that car you see is a British-issue (steering wheel on wrong side) Volkswagen.

Kitchen. See the flint wall? That stuff is everywhere!
  It took a little getting used to:  you get in on the right.  The gear shift is on your left.  You drive on the left side of the road.  And so on… anyways, the more I drive this little car, the more I like it.  The cars here are purported to be better-built and I’m beginning to believe it. 

 A few days ago I drove it at least 90 miles per hour for about three hours and it did just fine.  This coming from a stock 4-cylinder.  Oh, speaking of driving fast. The national speed limit here is 30 mph inside what we would consider city limits.  Once you get outside city limits the speed is 60.  70 on the highways.  But, according to my driving instructor during driver familiarization, the speed limits are “more of a suggestion”.

My room. I know, it's kinda girly, but it was the nicest room in the house.
  The philosophy is; you drive at the speed you’re capable of safely handling the car.  So… if you’re driving here on the highways, and you are doing 70, you’re gonna get passed.  A lot.  If you’re in the passing lane and you see another car in your rear-view mirror way, way behind you flashing their lights, by the time you glance at the car you’re passing and back into the rear-view they’re going to be RIGHT THERE.  And I’m not talking Ferraris and Lamborghinis; I’m talking Volkswagens, Subaru’s, ten-speed bikes... 

 And one last thing.  To regulate speed on the highways they have “speed cameras” on the side of the road.  You speed, the camera takes a picture of it, and you get a ticket ($1,200) in the mail.  BUT.  They post warning signs to warn you there are speed cameras ahead.  And if you somehow miss the warning signs, they place the cameras in bright yellow boxes.  There’s some kind of law where they have to warn you there are speed cameras ahead.  And they only have a certain number of them and have to rotate them around to different spots.  I don’t get it either.

OK, that's about all I got on the house and driving.  I didn't post any pictures of the bathroom because I figure no one needs to see what a bathroom looks like.  If you don't know by now...

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The Crown Hotel.  My cottage is ri…
The Crown Hotel. My cottage is r…
This is my house and my rental car…
This is my house and my rental ca…
Kitchen.  See the flint wall?  Tha…
Kitchen. See the flint wall? Th…
My room.  I know, its kinda girly…
My room. I know, it's kinda girl…
bedroom in attic
bedroom in attic
dining room
dining room
Living room
Living room
photo by: mr_brenden