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View of Akaroa

So Ms. Swanson what did you like most about Christchurch?

Sleeping in.

Besides that. Something you wouldn’t normally do?

I enjoyed walking around the botanical gardens.

What made it so special?

Seeing the sensational spring flowers and smelling their sweet aroma.

Did you go alone?

No, I went on a walk with a guy.

Interesting. Did you just meet this “guy”?

No, I met him earlier in my travels while I was in Queenstown.

Ahhh….I see. So are you traveling together?

No, we have been texting one another and thought it would be nice to meet up and see the sights.

Hmmm. Did you go any where else together?

Yeah, we drove to a town called Akaroa, where the weather was sunny and windy but quite beautiful. We had lunch, a few drinks, shared some stories, said good night, and went our separate ways.

View of Akaroa

Do you think you will ever see him again?

Maybe. If I ever visit the UK or he comes to the US.

What word comes to mind when you think of Christchurch?



I had no plans when I got there so everything happened moment by moment.

Did you ever miss home while you were there?

Its funny that you mention that because one night when I was at a bar with some people that I had just met and feeling a bit homesick I met someone from Texas. So we had a great time talking about home and the things we miss, like TexMex food.

How did that feel?

It was great. Its as if I was talking to one of my brothers- or a familiar person. I felt very close to home.

Sounds great. Well were out of time, Ms. Swanson, but I want to thank you for sharing about your travels in Christchurch. Wish you the best of luck in your future.

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View of Akaroa
View of Akaroa
View of Akaroa
View of Akaroa
Me in the botanical gardens
Me in the botanical gardens
romantic boat ride in the botanica…
romantic boat ride in the botanic…
me + flowers = sweet
me + flowers = sweet
sailing in akaroa
sailing in akaroa
Travis and I on a windy day in Aka…
Travis and I on a windy day in Ak…
photo by: Fulla