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Upgrading to luxurious accommodations with stellar artwork.
After the tranquility of Punta Banco, spending a night in Puerto Jimenez was somewhat depressing. In addition to being a lot bigger than Punta Banco, Puerto Jimenez seems inhabited by lots of weird, creepy people. While eating dinner at one of the fine establishments in town, a scary looking stranger walked up the railing bordering the restaurant and literally stared at us during our entire meal. Sometimes he would shift position and move down the railing to stare at us from a different angle. During one point he moved to the railing directly 5 feet behind Dave's chair, and it was bit difficult talking with Dave while simultaneously trying to avoid eye contact with creepo. We had no idea what he wanted.

About half way through the meal another shady looking guy came up to us and asked us if "we had his hat." We had no idea what he meant, and told him so. He looked frustrated then left. This bizarre atmosphere made us want to eat our meal and leave very, very quickly.

After bolting out of the restaurant we wandered around town a little more, looking for a place to hangout, but there was no nightlife anywhere. Only weird people wandering around and hanging out in the shadows outside liquor stores. We retreated to the comfort of our hotel room and got some sleep.
fransglobal says:
Didn't go there but Costa Rica a lot safer than some other places in Central America!
Posted on: Jul 03, 2010
Jelly says:
I'm taking notes... don't come here! lol
Posted on: Nov 16, 2009
Duncanw says:
Hey, Puerto Jimenez is a drinking town with a tourist problem. That guy was probably just trying to focus and hold himself up. At Carolina's on the main drag, the concrete wall's just the right height to hold onto.

Maybe it was the same guy I saw. Had road dust all down one side of his face, nasty stains caked all over his shirt, and chicken guts hangin' out of his shirt pocket. So drunk he could hardly stand.

But there are good times to be had in Port Jimenez, too. Alcohol is definitely a key ingredient. Or is it a way of life? ¡Ay güey!
Posted on: Jun 07, 2008
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Upgrading to luxurious accommodati…
Upgrading to luxurious accommodat…
Not much to see here...
Not much to see here...
On the way to school.
On the way to school.
Outside the rainforest tour shop.
Outside the "rainforest" tour shop.
Empty basketball court.
Empty basketball court.
Macaw! Macaw!
Macaw! Macaw!
SANSA flight on a small 8-seater …
Puerto Jimenez
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