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Chamula, is a little town near San Christobal. Here we spend some time walking on the Zocalo, and breathing the atmosphere of the town. Ofcourse there was the market at the Zocalo, there were the children beggers, the church was painted in a colourful way which really made it look wonderful in it's surrounding, but what I liked most at that time was being in the sun. Feeling the sun spreading its beams all over my face. I do believe there is some strong power in the energy of that sun, because when I really let that sun come over me, it's like I'm reborn, and deliberated of any kind of sorrow. At that moment the inner peace overcomes me, and that's what I see as the search in my life: Inner peace. No words anyone has ever said to me had more impact than the beaming of the sun.
It feels like being in the position of a foetus, and the more I let the sun shine on me, the more energy grows in me. The energy makes me open up from the position of the foetus to standing straight, smiling and letting energy flow in and out, all in balance, and with a smile touching both ears! At those moments I feel like a source of neverending positive energy. Energy that I want to use to grow in my life.
One of those moments I reached a little outside the center of Chamula. On the side of a hill, in a semy rough landscape, with a view over the hills and the Zocalo, but far enough so there was silence. Dina and me, we spend some time together there, as well as time alone. It were moments of truth, peace, wisdom. Moments were I could look deep inside myself, without revealing negative energy. At those moments it doesn't matter where I go, I just want to be. Not to be is out of the question! (I solved THE question!!)
When I'm in that state of mind, I can look at emotions in a different way, in a more truthful way. Seeing beggers don't hurt me in the same way anymore. It's not just compassion that I feel, it doesn't make me feel all sad anymore. I can look at myself as an individual, and therefor see the other for what he or she is. It makes me sad seeing that some people have to work hard to attain a little bit of humanity, and others just need to act working hard to attain more and more! My compassion is different. My compassion is really pointed to the individual, and not to my past anymore. I can be there for the other person, where before I was trying to heal my memory also. There is room for others inside my heart, because it's open. There's room for others inside my home!
Opening my home for those who need it the most is something I've always done, but at those times...I think it's more comfortable for everyone.
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photo by: Biedjee