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Going to Palenque was one of the best desicions I took when I was in Mexico. I have no regrets of any other desicion, but Palenque is one of those places that conquered my heart. It's one of those places where I felt home, between the ruines, in the jungle, swimming near the waterfalls in that jungle. Every bit of suffering, and mind torturing dissapears, being in that kind of natural welth. I realise that I feel rich, feeling the sun on my face, absorbing colours that surround me, being a small part of that big nature that surrounds me. No pressure, just being part of it and breathing pure nature.
Looking through little gaps, or windows in the ruines give me a different view of the world. Being in that peaceful state of mind, I really get to enjoy those little parts of life so much. It surprises me every time. Being colourblind, I'm not able to name all the colours like other people do, but I know I can absorbe them and let them fly true my body. At those times, I don't care if it's blue or purple, if it's green or brown, I know what I see and I love to be part of it.
Spending time in Palenque together with Dina also made it more easy to gain that state of inner peace. She was there, but not pushing, both in our own state of mind, but still together. Respecting eachothers limits and in loving care for eachothers needs. She's crazy and fun to be with, with a big dose of intelectual baggage and interesting points of view. The kind of person that makes me think about more than what's happening around me, that's Dina.
Walking back from the ruines to the hotel, many mini-busses passed by, but one caught my attention. At the back a young man was waving and signing. The mini-bus stopped and there were Raphael and Emmanuel, the two French people I met in Oaxaca. They left the people they hooked up with, to say hello and have dinner with us that evening. It really touched me!
Going to the waterfalls is always going to inner peace, for me. Visiting Misol-Ha, and Agua Azul was no exception. It's like the energy produced by the water, is transformed into me. With that much energy, it's easy to put away all agitation and enjoy life at its fullest. Swimming between these waterfalls was also a new stage in my search for peace of mind. As I said many times before, also this was being part of such a big thing and just floating in it. Being carried by the power of nature, that's what it feels like, to me.
Agua Azul even touched us so deeply, that we decided to go back the next day, and just spend the whole day at that powerful place.
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