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From Oaxaca I returned to DF for one day. Just to see a metal band from Holland, and leave with Dina next day, for a 9 day trip to Chiapas. On the nightbus to DF, I saw Margaret, a woman I met in the Oaxaca hostel. Arriving in DF, it felt a little like coming home. I felt powerful and as if I knew the city as if I had been living there all my life. Propably Margaret saw that and I walked her to her hotel, as a local guide. It was a very special feeling, a feeling of confidence. Before we went to Margaret's hotel, we had a cup of coffee, with some locals, by the street. Just sitting around a big table, where the other people were Mexicansd on their way to work. I felt one with the city and it's atmosphere. I felt part of it, and not just a tourist. Meeting Dina again was special, but seeing Kuas and Kafka again was even better. I even started thinking about a plan to take them home with me. The concert was also something special. I was surrounded by a kind of Mexicans that didn't fit in into my view of Mexicans. I never realised that there were also metal fans in Mexico. People with long black hair, ok, but with dirty long black hair, leather jackets, chains,... I loved it! To save us some time, we flew to Chiapas, although I would have rather taken a bus. Driving in a bus is more like me than taking a plane, but no regrets. The first looks of Chiapas I got were those around the airport. We took a taxi drive from Tuxtla to San Christobal. After five minutes we were already surrounded by beautiful nature. An endless canyon, flowers, trees, hills,... really my kind of surrounding. San Christobal is a little town to me, one that breaths tourism, but not in a diturbing way. As many parts of Mexico, it kept a lot of it's authenticity and local products. Markets, where you can also find locals shopping, little streets, people selling food or drinks on the street. People from around trying to make a living. Ofcourse there were also the beautiful churches. The area also breaths "Marcos" and the Zapatistas. In a history not long ago, the people from Chiapas showed how strongly they can come up for themselves and their loved ones. They stood up against the governement and took possesion of their own streets. It's sad that you have to take possesion of what's yours. They took possesion to make a statement that they wanted a better life, a better life that they deserve. Working hard, providing the rich, but getting only a little in return. I felt the strong willpower of the town. It inspired me to think about terms of possesion, conquering, owning, giving. The earth is only from itself, and we can be happy we get to live on it. But still, we, humans, made places our own. Many people think we can own a part of the earth, but I don't believe in that. Now, I can agree we need structure, the structure that deviding the world into countries tries to provide, but where did we go wrong that it had to come this far? Sometimes I ask myself the quetsion: Why can't we all live peacefully together, respecting ourself and others? It' s a question that used to sound so pathetic in my ears before, but these days, it sound like a scream for help. A scream of becoming aware of who I used to be and to what I became after experiencing life!
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