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My second day in Xalapa was a day on which I continued walking around, to make sure I would experience the real life more as when I travell in a bus. Walking between the local people, smell the food they prepare and sell on the street, listen to their music on the street with instruments a size I´m not used to see with street musicians (they were playing the marimba on the street), not being extra protected as a pedestrian in traffic, that´s what is the real life to me. It´s also special to get on busses that are more than full, I admit, but I think that needs a lot of skills to survive. But I´m willing to try on this trip. Walking also brings me in contact with the local people, as I ask them the road and try to improve my Spanish in that way. What caught my attention was that people at first don´t seem to respond on your quetsion, but it seems that they do. It´s like they don´t expect you to ask them something and the reaction is a little slow. Not that it takes 10 seconds, but the reaction in their face even occurs mostly after you aked the question, but than they respond very friendly and really try to help you. They are really nice and that gives me a nice feeling. A warm feeling and it brings a smile on my face. The trip lead me to the highest hill the city is build on, to Macuiltepec. It´s not just a hill, because nothing in Mexico is just something. On top of the hill is a nice park, with several interesting places. There is a museum about the fauna in Veracruz, a tower on top where you have a view over the town, a big "sunclock", the Aztecs used to have, places where you can BBQ, walking iles, and ofcourse there are the trees and flowers in all colours, as well as birds and other species of animals. It´s a place that breaths peace, and I love it. You can find people from all ages and status there, as well as people with all different interests. That´s what made it also exceptional. People jogging, people walking around, people sitting and just relaxing, people having a romantic time, maybe people skipping school, people feeling like a child surrounded by all that beauty. It sounds like a normal park, and propably it is, but to me it was a place where I found that inner peace again. The smile rising on my face, totally one with myself and nature, shining maybe even harder than the sun. It was my little moment of heaven again. On my walk back I got surprised by rain. And when I say rain, it´s an understatement. The city and the whole area seems to be known for its strange weatherchanges. One moment you are sweathing in the sun and the other, you are hiding for the rain. As unpredictable as it is, so beautiful it is. It´s just another wonder of nature, and another sign that we don´t own or control nature, but that we are part of it. I don´t feel like nature has bad meanings with us humans, when it was raining back than, it had its reason for nature. Even though I was out with short sleeves, no jacket, and not knowing how long this was going to take, it was nice. The street changed into a little swimming pool in no time, people hiding on the front steps of the stores. It brought people closer together, because standing there hiding for the rain, people talked, even though they had never seen eachother. The people like me who kept on walking trying to hide under whatever there was to hide under going further and further also made eachother smile. Passing eachother, not knowing who´s going left and who´s going right: it gives funny situations, and people laugh at eachother. A smile is so beautiful and even more when there is wet sunshine all over the place. People didn´t seem to care, they didn´t get upset, they just took it as it came, and that´s relaxing. I seemed to be the only one getting a little bit nervous when I wanted to cross a big place where there was no possible way of hiding. While I write this I think: What was so important to me that I still wanted to go on, that I couldn´t wait. I don´t know the answer, but next time, I will remember this question and take my time. Xalapa was my first solo tour and it worked out very well. I was set to go to Oaxaca and really looking forward to it. I was told that Oaxaca was a beautiful place, but most of all I loved the travelling. Taking the bus from one place to another (the big distances, like 8 hours), finding a hotel, discover what there was to see and feel, meet the people. It made me feel like an adult, and sometimes I even think I am an adult, but than I realise that I´m just 32 and that there is still much time to play, before groing up.  
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photo by: Ghostboy