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Hola, Ghostboy Bodhi has arrived in Mexico. So far no one got hurt. I´m staying with this wonderful friend of mine, Dina. She opened her house for me to stay in and even lets me out sometimes. It feels wonderful being around people like her. People who are open, with knowledge about life and a nice vision on life and the world. I don´t mean that you can only find them outside of Belgium, because over there are also people who can touch me very much. It´s not the quantity of the touches that counts, it´s the impressions they leave. Together with her, her two doggies live there (here): Kuas and Kafki. They really are so nice, and Kafki is always the first one to come and say hello to me. This morning he even came to sleep in my bed with me. And yesterday when they went out for five minutes, he enetered my room, looked at me and left again, like he wanted to say: We´re back! Kuas is also very nice so don´t think I only like Kafki.

After two days I even thought them "synchronised laying on the bed"!
Being here on my third day I noticed how much in love I am wit Nepal, and maybe Asia in general. I catch myself comparing, but Mexico is completely different, and I certainly do hope I can open my heart and eyes to let Mexico enter in me as itself, and not in competition with any other place. Today I really start walking around, descovering Mexico city "down town". Saturday, march 2nd, Dina already took me to Taxsco, it´s an old city, very known for it´s silver mines. We went there on saturday, because that´s the day the big markets are there. I think I will never see as much silver in my life again as I did that day. At that time I had only 4 hours of sleep in two days, so I didn´t get to enjoy the environememt as much as I would. That propably explanes why I didn´t like the atmosphere at the time.
Something I immediately noticed is that Mexicans like colours. They paint their houses in the most wonderful colours. And Taxco was no exception to that. As colours colour my life and heart, that is an aspect of Mexico I will enjoy, that´s for sure.
To go to Taxco we had to take a three hour bus trip. Here that´s pretty normal, where in Belgium that would be a big trip.
Yesterday we went to the supermarket. No big deal you would say...weren´t it for the fact that it was a sunday and that is was midnight. For those who think I typed a mistake, I will type it again: Yesterday we went to the supermarket. No big deal you would say...weren´t it for the fact that it was a sunday and that is was midnight. I just loved it.

Well, this city really has it all.

The diversity between all the places you can find here is so wonderful. In a few 100 meters you can walk from a place, being surrounded by so much traffic and buildings to a nice park, where you can feel a calm amd relaxed atmosphere. I´ve never experienced this in so little distance. It´s just wonderful.
The places I´m talking about are the places around the Zocalo, in downtowm DF and the Alameda Central, that´s the Park I was talking about. The police even walks around wearing a sombrero, which only makes it more nice and relaxing to me. (those who think all Mexicans wear a sombrero all day and eat a kilo of tortilla a day...I have to dissapoint you, because it´s not true)
Another place that is on its way to steel my heart is Bosque de Chapultepec. It´s on of the biggest parks in the world, I think, and there is so much to see.
You are walking between so much green, there are museums, like the un-be-leavable interesting Museum of Antropology, there is the Castillo on top of a 15 minutes climb, which is beautiful on itself, but since a long time it is also used as a museum of history. If you are around, I would certainly advice it, also because of the wonderful views you have over the city. There is also a zoo, an amusementpark,...shortly there is something for everyone, and very much for someones.
In this park I can find so much contact with myself.
I can walk around for hours, enjoying what I see around me, because I´m so happy between all those wonderful surroundings. There I can let myself get into a kind of higher atmosphere. It feels as if I´m just energy and emotion flying around there. Everyone is equal, the people, the animals, the trees, the garbadge cans,... right then I get that feeling that I like so much, that inner happiness. It is something that I can not describe completely, but to me it´s a big lesson in life. Being happy by being in touch with myself. Being able to live my complete life like that, is a stage I would really like to reach, because that is true happiness to me, and I was already lucky to experience it a few times.
In the beginning it sounded strange to me, but now it feels quiet normal. To see, feel, smell,..., to experience what is happening around me, I need to be in touch with myself.
I have to be deep inside myself, to see what´s around me. It sounded like two opposites to me, because I used to turn into myself closing my sences and emotions. Now I try to to it an other way and experience myself to the deepest, but keep my sences open.
Being in a place like Chapultepec made it easier to achieve that level of communication with myself, and now I hope there will be more places to do so, and more and more it will become a naturale thing that I can experience no matter where I am, or who I´m with.
If I really experience these moments on its fullest, I know that is possible. It will take a long time, maybe a whole life, but the path to enlightment is a wonderful path on itself, filled with lots of unexpected happenings and people comming your way. It´s a matter of keeping your eyes open, and believe in youself!
This trip seems to be very interesting again to the exploring of my emotions and sences.
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