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I am counting the days.  Five days left. I can't wait to get there.

I've even started packing. Normally I do that the day before I leave. The best I've managed was starting to pack an hour before I had to leave the house. And this was for quite a big trip. Of course I forgot things like toothbrush and shampoo, but not my underwear, I think that's one of the worst things you can forget. Or do you know an airport that sells underwear? Sure you could buy some whereever you are going, but believe me it's not that easy as it depends on were you go and how much time you have. Anyway, this is starting to sound strange. 

This time my mother made sure that I start packing a week in advance. I am sure she would love me to listen to her more often ;). She called twice to ask me if I've already packed. She didn't use the stereotype sentences such as "Don't forget to bring warm clothes!'. No, that would be stupid. because  I AM FLYING TO TURKEY YAY, right?! I thought I'd be fine with one suitcase, but it's become two. Mostly because I seem to have developed a shoe fetish. Am I really turning into one of those shoe girls? No, don't think so as I don't have all those fancy shoes packed -not that I have a lot of them - but you know there are the teva shoes, then of course my climbing shoes, tracking shoes, walking shoes, ok ok maybe another pair of tracking shoes, my converse (I'll probably never wear them as it will be too hot BUT you never know. I need them for the flight otherwise I get cold pun intended, though I seem to have also developed some kind of claustrophobia, something about not being able to leave the plain whenever I want, weird as I love flying and airports), flip flops....hmmm...three pairs, but I intend to leave two of them in Turkey.  The more I write about my shoes the more I think I am going shoe-crazy. To my having-too-much-in my-suitcase-defence I would like to add that I am bringing stuff for family, too. Chocolate for example and clothes for cousins that I don't wear anymore. Ever wondered why Turkish people always have the most suitcases at the airports (at least that's something you can see quite often in Germany)? Family! That's why. And they think they need to buy stuff in Germany for their house in Turkey that they can't buy there. But nowadays they even have IKEA ;). And besides, I think that Turkey has passed the stage of being a bit behind a while ago. Some people see it differently. Hey, Turkey had only one tap (combining warm and cold) as far as I can think back. I had to wash up with two tabs in England, and that was half a year ago. 

My mother would pack 4 weeks in advance when I was a kid. The whole bedroom floor was covered with goodies and clothes and whatever you can think of. Oh, and the bedroom was really big. I remember standing there and staring at those things and I would wonder 'Why is there so much soap? I know they have soap in Turkey! Why is she packing a ten pack of toothbrushes? We are only staying for two months.' Nowadays she loves "to fly with only hand luaggage". So there we were, four people in a little VW Golf with tons of stuff on the roof. And as you can imagine it took ages at the Turkish boarder as they went through everything. Yes, in those days people drove to Turkey for three days. I loved driving through Austria as I always hoped I'd see Heidi. Yeah pretty stupid, I know. Because Heidi was from Switzerland.

Surprisingly we always ended up bringing as much stuff back to Germany as we took to Turkey. And each year I heard that sentence "Well, no worries, we'll have a lot less on the way back." Yeah right.

And even though I have quite a few things in my suitcase that I will leave in Turkey I am somehow sure I will come back with two suitcases, both filled with the same amount as on the way to Turkey.  I will let you know.

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