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Engine 2 Sitting outside just after the storm.

Well, everyone I know two things at this moment...it has been sometime since I wrote, and the title of this post is rather confusing right now, allow me to explain.

First its been a while since I have written, as the Fire Prevention Officer, I work the normal town schedule (7:30am-5:30pm Mon-Sat)*. This of course means im not at work with free time as often as I was last year which means less time on my laptop which means less posts. I also dont get every other day off..also meaning less time for posting. That's out of the way...im writing this on my work computer, so no pictures, but I will add them soon.

So, rumor has it I will be living in McMurdo suburbia with Mitch once he gets down here. To further explain the term "suburbs" in this case, below is my personal interpretation of each of the housing structures on station.

Condition 2 storm, WINFLY 07 McMurdo Antarctica

155 - Like living in the inner city. Lots of rooms each with four people in them**. This building is like the loop, its where the galley is, the computer kiosk, recreation, finance, HR, and of course the store...so its the hub of daily life and rather important...also where I live now, next to my room from last year.

Mammoth Mountain Inn and Hotel California - When you think of MMI and HoCal, think of the projects. They are down the by helo pads with a decent view but lots of noise from the rotors. They are the farthest from 155 so, very inconvenient. The rooms are small, and run down, and often over crowded... especially when the polies are coming through. For the first week of WINFLY HoCal didnt have phone service. Also like the real projects, most people fear being forced to live there, however those who like it there defend living there with everything they can.

I took this because there is a gorgeous streak of the visible specturm of colors just to the right of the sun.

206 - Military dorms...so um... think military dorms. They do have the Crevasse... a private bar built in their lounge over the years, by invitation only.

207-209 - These are called the "Upper Case Dorms" so, lets call them Sheridan Rd in the Winnetka/Glencoe area (If youre not from Chicago...think rich...real rich). These dorms are 3 stories each, and sit right on the bay with the best views. Additionally they are 2 person rooms (all dorms are besides 155) and instead of sharing a floor bathroom, they are set up suite style, so you share a bathroom with one other room. You need some serious ice time or a high position to get into these dorms. People living there include the National Science Foundation Station Manager, the fire chief, and the RPSC Station Manager.

The mandatory night time sign picture.

203ABC, 210, 211 - Not uppercase... but certainly not the inner city. This is where I will be living come main body, most likely in 210. Two stories, and just a short walk to 155. Decently sized rooms, floor bathrooms, nice lounges. Also a bit of a commute to work, but not too bad. So hence the title of this post...the suburbs of McMurdo.

Well, there is your Mactown lesson for the day. Really, things are going well, less an occasional speed bump. I have a lot of projects on my plate, but most of them can't be done until mainbody. I cant wait for that, so we can get some packages sent to us *** (hint, hint.) Things are going decently, I wont at bowling on the southernmost lanes on earth, which are also the oldest brunswick lanes in exsistence.

We also had the first storm of the season last week, Condition 2.

Amazing sunsets as always
I have a video I will be posting which doesnt do it justice. Think of that tropical storm they were warning people about in the Outer Banks of NC, our normal storms are stronger than that. This had gusts to 50+Knots. I was pretty awesome as per usual down here.

So, it's time for me to get back to work for three more hours. I hope to hear back from everyone, take care.

*This isn't a horrible scedule really... you get to go home every night, and sunday off which means that you can go and party with everyone Saturday night...not that I would ever go partying.

** During WINFLY due to how few people are on station, rooms in 155 are two person like everywhere else. MMI has a "bunkroom" which is made to house 10-15 people... this tends to get much over filled if the flights to pole get delayed. Which leads to people sleeping and living in the common areas at times.

***Just in case anyone was curious here is the address to write me or send me anything you would like (within legal limits of course)

Matthew Siegel, RPSC
McMurdo Station
PSC 469 Box 700
APO AP 96599-1035

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Engine 2 Sitting outside just afte…
Engine 2 Sitting outside just aft…
Condition 2 storm, WINFLY 07 McMu…
I took this because there is a gor…
I took this because there is a go…
The mandatory night time sign pict…
The mandatory night time sign pic…
Amazing sunsets as always
Amazing sunsets as always
Antarctic Fire Department Office o…
Antarctic Fire Department Office …
Watching TV in my room...when i wa…
Watching TV in my room...when i w…
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