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T -10,

Slightly worried, just got a puncture on my bike and I havent even gone anywhere, reminds me how frail my mode of transport really is, but on the plus side it kinda gets me into the state of mind that prepares me for whats ahead.

Anyways, bought the essentials for any decent motorbike road trip;

  • Comfy sleeping bag and pillows,
  • Lots of smokes
  • bottle of sterile water
  • tools
  • some clothes
  • maps of absolutley everywhere and then some
  • Migrane pills,
  • cash.
  • AA card
  • My mate on the back of the bike
  • some drugs, (but shhhh french border control might hear)
  • some tinned food and instant BBQ fluid and some pots and pans,
  • knife
  • sunglasses
  • fork

My bike should be out of the garage in 2 days, so sitting tight till then, finishing off the last weeks at work, sorting out my affairs and hoping my mate wont pull out, although if he does theres a few other options so not the end of the world.

Next yourney entry will be in 10 days will let you know how it goes... got a GPRS card and laptop so will upload pics on the way.

Anyway, the planned route is,

Leg 1 - London - Dover

Leg 2 - Dover - Calais

Leg 3 - Calais - Paris

Leg 4 - Paris - Cannes

Leg 5 - Cannes to Turin

Leg 6 - Turin - Perpignan

Leg 7 - Perpignan - Barcelona

Leg 8 - Barcelona - Alicante

Leg 9 - Alicante - Madrid

Leg 8 - Madrid non stop - Paris

Leg 9 - Paris - Corsica

Leg 10 - Corsica - wherever the road takes me

Min says:
Nice one - sore bum tho' - Look forward to the updates:)
Posted on: Jul 30, 2007
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