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After a flight of nearly 12 hours the airplane finally landed at Narita airport.
The upperdeck was quite crowded with me, the groom and 6 crew members. After de-boarding i was invited for dinner that evening by Joe, one of the crew members... Yeeeeah.. That would be geat fun!

To made my day not entirely useless i took a taxi to the local shopping centre AEON where i bought sunglasses (..which i had broken by just holding it..) and drank an espresso.
Back in the hotel i coud not restrain myself to lay down on the bed and so i felt asleep,..

**ring ring** -Heart attack no 1, it was Gary on phone if i wanted to join him and a group of his colleagues for dinner that night.
When i finally resumed my beautysleep the phone rang again,...
**ring ring** there was heart attack no 2, this time it was Joe on the phone if i wanted to join him and a group of his colleagues for dinner that night.
"YES i will join you guys for dinner but please let me sleep for now!!!

At 7.30pm i was waiting at the bus stop where we would meet, the bus stopped and i think there where 12 NCA pilots comming out of that bus from which i knew only 2 by name.. "this could be a real fun night" i thought to myself!

We stopped by "the bardge" where i drank 2 jack 'n coke 's (of course, my favourite-japan drink) before going to a japanese-by-indian-runned-curry-restaurant.
After a lovely meal we made a stop at a bar called "Jet lag" which is runned by a Belgian guy. This bar had it's own
pole ... Entering the bar i could just see how an australian guy was showing his tricks up side down and lost his grip.. . :-) After this spectaculair show and 3 jd's later we went too "the cage".

I did not sing this time but i had so much fun with all these nca guys, thank god they CAN fly an airplaine!!!
I also learned that the song "Love shack" is a song about a house and not about a "loving fuck" .... i knew that... ahum. (I always thought this was a strange song)

After all these Jd's i thought it would be best too change drinks (god knows why) so i started to drink "Hai's" which tasted like Lemonade only with a lot of alcohol in it. I'd rather could not have drank that, as it really dammaged my braincells. Trying to say: Douitaschimashite (pronounced like "don't touch my moustache") with so much "Hai" drinks is not easy!
I left "the cage" and tried to crawl back to my room where i fell in a very deep sleep.

I woke up at 12, check out was at 11.. Shit, i overslept AGAIN! I rushed out of bed, took a quick shower and proceeded to the reception. Luckily i could stay in Gary's room all day as he went out for fishing. I ate something and took some sleep before going to the airport.

At this moment i'm in the airplane writing this story. "Why can't i be in Nrt once a month??"
Anyway, i made some new friends and that's good fun! It's now 3 am japanese time but i am not tired yet.

Still 6 hours to go before ending my 5th Japand adventure...
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photo by: maka77