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I went to Thailand for my last holiday so here's a report on what I did.
I got up early 'cause I still had a few things I had to do in Macau (like pick up some asthma medication). So, I wandered around there, booked a hotel (the airport one) for the night I got back (cost me $800HK for one night), and the tried to catch a cab from where I was to the airport.
Now, in ZhuHai when I even try to cross the road cabs will come screeching to a halt. Cab drivers here seem to have this mentality "Oh, foreigner, they must want a cab". You have no idea how many times I've nearly fallen over the hood of a taxi 'cause they've stopped right in front of me when I'm trying to cross the road.
So, here I was, standing near a bus stop, thinking that I'd be able to get a cab easy. Noooooo.... 10 minutes later and about 15 or more empty taxi's driving past I FINALLY managed to catch one. I ended up getting to the airport with HEAPS of time to spare. They wouldn't let me check in for half an hour. So, I got an ice-cold coke (the joys of a country having European influence for so long, they understand the concept of 'ice-cold' unlike here where 'ice-cold' is lukewarm), sat down in the departures area and stared at the check-in desk.
Once checked in I headed to the departures lounge. I realized while I was there that I'd forgotten to buy chewing gum so I went off in search of it. I swear, Macau international airport must be the only one in the world that does NOT sell chewing gum. I ended up getting these blackberry pastille thingies to chew while the plane was taking off. They weren't the greatest, but at least my ears didn't pop.
Now, I don't know what the heck happened. One minute the gate is saying that it was time for my flight to check in, the next it's saying that it's a flight to Taipei... Let's just say that since there was a HUGE Korean tour group waiting to get on my flight I learnt a lot of ways to swear in Korean (which I've now forgotten).
When the flight finally boarded it was kind of interesting. They herded us downstairs and then piled us into buses to get us to the plane. I was seated next to some guy from... somewhere. He spent most of the flight reading the bible and making notes (which was a shade better than my last flight where I was stuck next to a priest who'd cross himself on takeoff and landing).
Plane food was okay, edible. The flight was ridiculously boring though. No in flight movie and my earphones for the radio weren't even working. 2 hour flight so it wasn't too bad.
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