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A man, a bike, and his pig. I haven't quite figured out if the pig was dead or not.
I'm not kidding. I get started at so much over here it's not funny. The women aren't as obvious about it as the men, but they all stare. Apparently it's not as bad (the staring that is) here in ZhuHai as it is in other provinces, but still...

I actually managed to make one little girl stop, drop her jaw, and watch me all the way down the street. I think she forgot she was carrying her little brother 'cause that kid was slipping. Of course, this was the day that I'd just washed my hair and left it to dry... you all know how curly my hair can be when it wants to be.

Have got out and seen some of the other districts in ZhuHai - Jida and Gongbei. I had to go and visit the other branches of the school. Jida branch is next door to this two story, mock palace complete with garden and water features. The mountain it butts up against is covered in forest and massive boulders. It's known as the boulder forest. Gongbei branch is in this luxurious hotel!

I've started doing some tentative cooking. I've been living off steamed buns and dumplings (from the frozen produce isle of JUSCO) with fryed vegetables. Not exactly fancy, but it's food and it's saving me some money.

They moved a bed into the spare room of my apartment today. Looks like my days of living alone are numbered. Oh, well. As long as she's not the psycho woman from hell I'll be happy. At least it means I won't be footing the entire electricity/gas/and water bill by myself.. and I'll hold off getting the dvd player until my flatmate arrives. That way we can go halves on a dvd player and save ourselves some more money.

I start training on Saturday morning (and then have English Club that night). I've got a party for Canada Day tonight. I won't stay for very long 'cause I'll have to get up early tomorrow for training. But I'll turn up. It'll give me a chance to meet some more people.

Anyway, must run. Have to go and get some dinner and possibly buy some alcohol for this party (I still can't get over the fact that the grog is in the juice isle over here!)

constantquantum says:
hah! the staring is half the fun, I think. i used to start talking to the children, practising my numbers in Indonesian, or saying good morning in whatever language they speak, then often they'd come running over and start chattering, even though, I'd have to smile, usually, and say that's understand of their language. Some of my favourite experiences included thinking up new antics to get them to change the stares into smiles. Happy trails!
Posted on: Aug 01, 2007
rwinograd says:
Yes here in Nepal they also stare but I imagine even more so where you are. I will be taking the Tibetan railroad across China in two weeks and I suspect I will have the same experience. =)
Posted on: Jul 30, 2007
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A man, a bike, and his pig. I have…
A man, a bike, and his pig. I hav…
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