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First of all, I'm moving from ZhuHai. I got hand picked by the principle of the newest branch of TPR to be one of four founding teachers of the ZhongShan branch. It's the first time TPR has moved out of the ZhuHai area. I jumped at the chance 'cause it's such a great opportunity! Within a year I could be training incoming teachers, being a supervisor, or even managing another branch in ZhongShan. I'll definately be a senior teacher. Can't get more senior then a founding teacher.

I've decided that I absolutely NEED a mobile phone. People try to call me and I'm not home I need to call people and I can't get a hold of them because I don't have a phone. So, need mobile phone as soon as possible because I am going INSANE!!!

Next the visa thing. I'll be going for my medical some time this week, it's been organised (that's one load off my mind) BUT I've heard that the medicals take a while to process so I may still have to go out of China and get another tourist visa. No big deal really, I can just catch a bus to Macau in the morning, go to the Visa office, and buy another tourist visa that'll get processed in the same day. That way I know I'll be safe! At least I'm not an american because then I'd have to get a ferry to Hong Kong and then buy the visa there (at three times the price of everyone else just because I'm an american).

I just discovered that I've gotta go to the accounting department to pick up my pay 'cause I don't have a residence permit yet. That's okay, I just have to walk up a flight of steps afterwards to get the moolah *grin* and the go straight home and hide it in the apartment.

I now have a flatmate. She's a nice enough person, but EXTREMELY messy. I thought I had a messy apartment when she arrived because I had a few things on the floor, but whooo boy. If it gets too bad I think I'll be having a little word to her (along the lines of my, god, can you please clean some of this junk up! I can't see the kitchen table!).

The trip to Shenzhen was an absolute blast, I was exhausted at the end though. I got myself a nice bracelet with a lotus leaf formation thing in the stone and a bracelet made out of beeswax (which somehow doesn't melt) that has really nice smell that's supposed to keep away the bugs. I also got an absolutely gorgeous comb made out of ox-horn. Want to know how much the comb cost? $2.50ish australian or 15 RMB. You'd pay a hell of a lot more for something like that back home!

Last night I went to an information session for the ZhongShan school. I think we could say that it was a big success ^_^. Heaps of people signed up so we'll actually have students! The apartments should be ready within the next week or so. Seeing all the children turn up last night aparently motivated the workmen. They didn't know what the school was about because they can't read (so I've been told), but since they have children of their own they now want the school perfect and finished in time for the children.

Guess what I found in the XinHua bookstore. Riverdance Live in New York and Riverdance Geneva in VCD format. I grabbed them for when I get a dvd player. They'll also be good when I do English Club next 'cause I'll have stuff that I can show them about Irish dancing.

Speaking of Irish Dancing, I've got a funny story to tell you about that. The security guard here (who's kinda scary, but then again I find all chinese guys in guard uniforms scary) does ballroom dancing from what I've been told. I'm inclined to believe them 'cause he stopped me excitedly on the way up to the computer labs. He can't really speak english but he managed to get out Ireland Dance. Took me a bit to figure out that he wanted to see what it looked like. Showed him and the amazed, and really happy face he had was worth the sweat and getting out of breath. He must've found out that I did it from my picture with a blurb in Chinese on the wall. All the teachers have one of these little picture blurb thingies. It's for the parents and students to learn a bit more about the teachers here. Mine's only just gone up.

I had my picture in the paper on Friday. It's just a pity I didn't think to get a copy of it. Might explain why I'm getting more Hello's on the street and getting smiled at more.

anyway, babbled long enough. I have to get home and do some washing. Before I do that though I have to do a couple of things here and then get some lunch/breakfast.
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