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Me at the New Yuan Ming Palance

I'm currently sitting in an internet cafe behind Jusco 'cause the computers at school are being screwy. Only one is working and Michelle's using that one (and didn't look to be hurrying up any time soon if her turning around to have a big discussion with Tammy was anything to go by. Besides I didn't feel like listening to them speak 'American' at the time. No offence to my American friends, but the swearing and slang gets to me after a few minutes)

Well, I've been on holidays for the past week so that's why you haven't heard from me for a while. The school's been locked up and I've had no way of contacting anyone (I only just found this cafe).

Day one:

Saturday. Well, we went out partying on Friday night. I didn't walk in the door until about 4am.

Me with attendant (I had noooo idea what this guy was doing half the time)
Didn't get to bed until about 5:30 by the time I'd showered and let my hair dry. We went bar hopping and then ended the night at the Red Bar. It's a dance club on Bar street. We danced there until it closed and then made our way home.

I slept litereally all day on Saturday. We didn't really do much that day. Went for dinner somewhere that night, but that's about it.

Day two:

Sunday saw us (Michelle and I) both up bright and early to get to the border. We were going to go to Macau. Michelle wanted to go to a service of her church and I was tagging along 'cause I wanted to see Macau. That day I got to see a temple that was older than Australia's been considered a country (about 800 years old), I clambered all over a hill that held the oldest lighthouse in Asia (which is still in use incidentally), a fort and a really old chapel.

The guy taking the photo's kept going "Smile", "No smile" and then running over and rearraging me the way he wanted me to pose
The chapel was gorgeous. We weren't allowed to walk on the floor, touch the walls, or anything like that. We were on walkways about a foot off the ground. The place was airconditioned (a blessing as it was about 30C with 90% humidity VERY uncomfortable). We also walked around one end of Macau exploring (I discovered that out of the two of us, I'm the calm voice of reason. It's kinda scary)

Day 3:

Monday, We didn't really do much at all.

Day 4:

Tuesday, we went to the Yuanming Xinyuan (New Yuan Ming Palace). It's this replication of the Ming Palace in Beijing that was destroyed during the Boxer revolution by french and british forces. The place was amazing. You felt like you'd actually stepped into an old chinese palace. We were watching the first show of the day, the ascension of the emperor to the throne, when I got dragged out of the audience to participate in one of the shows.

There I was minding my own business, watching the guys in the armour riding the pretty horsies, when this guy's voice comes booming out of nowhere. Then there's this answering voice and this guy carrying a yellow scroll thing comes flying out of the audience. They chatter for a while (and I didn't have a freakin' clue what they were saying, I've only had four mandarin lessons) and then the ladies of the court (dressed in gorgeous dresses, funky hats, and the weirdest shoes I've ever seen) started pulling men out of the crowd.

Then the two guys come down and start scanning the crowd. Did I know what was going on? Nope. Not a clue, stoopid language barrier. Before I know it I'm being dragged out of the crowd, having this big heavy crown stuck on my head (did I mention it was big and heavy?) and stuffed into a yellow gown. I was aparently the person they'd chosen to be the Empress of the show. I got the best spot in the place to watch the show. The guy who'd pulled me out of the audience turned out to speak a bit of English so I wasn't completely in the dark about what was going on. I got to see my first ever demonstration of Kung-fu, my GOD those guys can leap!!!

After the show I was lead to the throne room and up the dias. I had my pictures taken (and the next time I go there I wouldn't be surprised if they were using my picture on the advertisment billboard that they put the photo's up on). It cost Y120 to get the three different poses that they took of me, but it was worth it for the memories.

Day 5:

Wednesday, we went back to Macau. I saw far too many cathedrals and it was kind of boring. I discovered that Michelle's not really into the same sort of sights that I want to see and therefore I didn't really get to see half of what I wanted. She was very 'me, me, me' that day and when I eventuallly did get to the fort that I wanted to see she was like "Yeah, it's a fort" and wanted to leave immediately. Next time I explore by myself.

Day 6:

Friday, a slow day. We took a sightseeing bus around one area of Zhuhai and saw some stuff that was really cool (and wouldn't've known it was there otherwise).

Day 7:

Saturday (today). Not much I'm sitting in the internet cafe at the moment writing this etc. Nothing really planned for today.

Day 8:

Going to Macau again with Michelle and Leah. Michelle wants to go to church again and I'm going to go and explore Macau with Leah (she actually wants to see the forts etc.). There's also a portugese festival going on there at the moment so we're going to go and check that out.

After that my holiday is officially over. I start teaching again on Wednesday (joy).

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Me at the New Yuan Ming Palance
Me at the New Yuan Ming Palance
Me with attendant (I had noooo ide…
Me with attendant (I had noooo id…
The guy taking the photos kept go…
The guy taking the photo's kept g…