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Have discovered that over here you pay not only for making a call from a mobile, but you pay for TAKING a call on a mobile. I currently have no credit on my phone at all. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Notink. At least I now know how to go and recharge the darn thing, I asked one of the other gwailo's (foreigners) what they do to rechard and she said just put Y100 on the desk with your phone and they'll get the idea of what you want. Fair enough. I'll go and do it after my shift is over.

I work every single day, monday to sunday, at the moment. Not really happy about it, but as I'm only one of three teachers here at the moment there's not much that I can do about that. I just have to deal and hope that they pay us for this. I think they do (I think I read somewhere that it's done by the hour. Which is fine by me 'cause I've got 8 shifts and they're 2 hours each).

I've found a couple of english menu places around here. Both of them are on my way home so I can have dinner after my evening class (which finishes at 9:30). No more going to the backery 'cause I can see what I'm going to buy. I can now actually READ what it is I'm going to eat.

I got dragged out to lunch with the office girls the other day. Guess what I finally got the guts to try... Chicken Feet!!!! *big grin*. Yes, Sheena has now eaten something that can be classified as 'Weird' in the western world. It didn't taste that bad. Just had a lot of gristle and bones in it.

Today after having to drag myself out of bed when I'd much rather be sleeping (the office staff from Zhuhai came to have a look around. They hadn't seen this branch yet) I got to go out to a part of Zhongshan I hadn't seen yet.. actually, that counts as 99.99% of a city that's 4 times the size of Brisbane. We wandered around a place they called 'Walking Street' it's some kind of tourist zone that no cars are allowed to drive down so you're actually safe (ish). The buildings had been done up, it looked kinda like a cross between macau (read:portugese) architecture and chinese architecture. Absolutely fascinating. I was going to take my camera out and take a picture but I was too lazy to do it. It was in the bottom of my bag. Ohhhh... there are flocks of honest to god PEDICABS there too. Not the motorbike kind either, I'm talking the ones with the bicycle on the front. There were also loads upon loads of clothing, shoe, electronic etc. stores there to check out. I definately am going back there at some point.

There's also aparently a market just down the road from where I live. What I thought was just a fruit and vege market turns out ot be a full blown chinese market place! I'm going to have to check that out in the not too distant future too!

Went for a foot masage last night. They hurt like hell, but damn, do your feet feel better afterwards ^_^. Especially when you've been on your feet for a couple of hours teaching. And while your feet are soaking in the hot liquid filled bucket thingy they give you a back massage... of course the girl managed to find every single sore spot on my bloody back *scowls*. Feels better now, but while it was happening... OW!! And Angela had switched to the English channel that was showing Pay it Forward. Well, the last hour or so of Pay it Forward, and who started crying at the ending *raises her hand*. Of course I was trying NOT to cry in case the girl thought I was crying 'cause the massage was hurting.

Anyway, not much else to report. I've been invited to a bar tonight if I want to go. Could be interesting, but I'm not sure if I won't want to just curl up in front of the couch, hug my pillow and get a dose of johnny deppness... decisions, decisions....

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