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I've been busy. It's official. I'm now in Zhuhai again. YAY!!! In the next few days I'm going to see if I can stay here permenantly and not go back to ZhongShan. I'm going to tell them that if I have to go back there I'll break contract and go to Beijing to find work instead. Everyone's pretty confidant that a) they'll take me back here and b)should I go to Beijing I'll find work easily.

I finished teaching my kids yesterday. Only 3 failed, but that was 30% of the class so I had more paperwork to do... I unfortunately exploded at a couple of the poor office girls who came to give me the extra paperwork. And then there was the whole issue of taking up 2 hours of my time (that I probably didn't get paid for) to do paperwork that I hadn't even been told about. I was not happy. They didn't seem to mind me exploding (probably 'cause I started with "look, I'm not angry at you")

We had a bbq (well it was supposed to be a bbq. It was raining so it turned into an indoor picnic instead) for the kids (again, probably not paid for it and I was guilt tripped into it by 4 different people and they used my kids to get me there. I had fun, but I was not happy about going).

Then in the afternoon I moved back here. I was hoping to move in the morning but there's some sort of gas shortage or something here at the moment so they didn't want the driver making a lot of trips if the car was going to be empty at one point. So, I was told, be packed by 10am (and here was me thinking YAY! I'll be out of ZhongShan before 12pm). The driver would pack my gear in the car and then I would be going back to Zhuhai at 5pm. ick. They were all like, it's all right! You can come to the bbq while you're waiting. Meanwhile I'm thinking 'I don't WANT to GO to that bloody bbq'.

I went. I had fun... Got to say goodbye to all of my kids (my whole class turned up!) and played monster with them for the last hour (which basically had me going "aarrgggg" and holding my hands up in claws and then chasing them around the room). Oscar, sweet, shy little Oscar, came right up to my face and yelled. It was the most noise I've heard him make EVER!!!! that kid has really come out of his shell since the first lesson.

Oh, and you know that adults class that I thought hated me. Well, on Wednesday night they'd found out that it was my last class (somehow. Interesting considering I was under orders from She-who-shall-not-be-named NOT to tell anybody). Harry'd poked his head around my door just before I was about to start the class and asked to talk to me for a second. So I went outside and came back in 5 minutes later to see them all sitting there staring at me with their arms crossed. William basically said "We've had a conference" and in the back of my mind I'm hearing 'uh-oh'....... "We're taking you out for a farewell dinner". I sort of blinked for a second and then said okay. They took me to the poshest restaurant I've ever been in! One of them threatened to stop studying since I was leaving. He also told me that if I needed ANYTHING to just call him. Another told me that I was going to go shopping in Hong Kong with her one day, yet another wants me to come back 'cause he promised to show me around the entire city and he's holding himself to that promise.

Not bad for a class that I thought hated my guts.

Now I'm in Zhuhai, back where I started, doing the same thing that I was doing before... waiting. At the moment I'm waiting for the plumber to come and fix my toilet. It's leaking and I discovered thismorning that it's not flushing. Joy.

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