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Okay, I'll get to that, just had to get it out of my system. Here's what I've been up to lately.

I can't remember if I told you that I was doing Winter camp or not, but I was. 10 days of teaching two classes of kids for two hours every day. Ugh. 

My first class were absolute brats. 6 year olds that were thicker than two bricks and genetically related to goldfish somewhere down the line. I could have happily strangled them given the chance. I like kids, especially little ones (they're just cute and adorable.... when they behave) and I'm good with them I'm discovering, but I was purposefully NOT having breakfast so I'd have an excuse to escape during my twenty minute break to go and grab some food and get out of the room (leaving the Chinese teacher and the TA, there's three 'adults' in the room when there's an English class at Winter Camp, alone with the kids). I was so glad when my ten days were over with that class.

My second class I adored. Absolutely adored them! they were the same age, but so much more mature and well behaved. I had one girl in the class who'd been in my naughty class during the last term. She took one look at me and I could see the "Oh, NO!!!! Not HER!!" expression on her face. She warmed up to me very quickly though.

*blinks* (Peice of random information. I'm in an internet cafe. I swear to god it sounds like someone's taking a SHOWER in the bathroom)

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with that second class. I almost cried when it was time for me to leave them... they actually didn't want me to leave. It took me ten minutes to get out of the room 'cause they were barricading the door with their bodies to stop me from leaving and screaming "NO!! STAY!!!" at the top of their lungs.

After I'd finished the winter camp three of us teachers went to the Meixi (pron. May-shi) arches. They had a waxworks there which definately has me wanting to visit Madame Tuassades in Hong Kong (yes, they have one there. It's at Peak Tower. They also have a Ripley's believe it or not odditorium too). It was nice and quiet and we had fun wandering around. As we were going to leave we managed to catch a dragon dance. I'd never seen one before and I got some REALLY good shots of it.

After that I was pretty much physically and mentally exhausted. It took me a while to recover. I've only really had the energy to do stuff again in the last few days.

I went for a Yum Cha breakfast yesterday with a girl who lives in the apartment building next to me. She studies at TPR and she's got pretty good English. He parents (well, her father) invited Greg and I to breakfast at 8am. It was a really good feed! I usually don't eat very much for breakfast (just an apple if anything at all).

after that Doug (new canadian teacher, those of us who are left have been showing him around and letting him know that we're not a bunch of snobs by involving him in stuff) and I went to Macau. I went to bug the travel agent that I'd booked my tour in (they still hadn't got back to me on whether I was going to Taiwan or not) and he tagged along 'cause I usually make a day out of my Macau trips.

When I got to the travel agent they STILL hadn't confirmed whether the tour was going ahead or not. Which was kind of frustrating for me 'cause it meant I'd have to do ANOTHER trip to Macau on the Friday *sigh*. Not exactly a hardship 'cause there's still stuff that I haven't seen in Macau, but you get four stamps in your passport every time you go there. I had an empty passport when I arrived in China, it's now nearly half full. I've since found out that I'll be able to get a new one over here if it comes to it (The aussie consulate comes to Macau once a month from Hong Kong) but I'd rather not go through that if I don't have to.

After that we wandered around Macau for most of the day. Went down to fishermans warf. It's this big place run by a casino mogul. It's like this big theme park kinda thing. There's places that look like ancient rome (but the latin written on the arches etc. is absolute nonsense if you look closely), Aladdins world, a huge volcano, the Tang dynasty etc. It's pretty cool down there, but not finished yet. We had lunch there and then wandered some more. We were going to head to Taipa, one of Macau's islands, for dinner but I had family calling and we were both exhausted so we decided to go there on friday, or mabye go to Coloane, Macau's other island. It's an ex-pirate haven and you can go horseriding there.

Today I basically slept and lazed around the house today reading. I forgot to mention that I bought myself two books yesterday. An insight guide to Taiwan (not as good as Lonely Planet, but it'll do on short notice) and a Mammoth Compedium of King Arthur through the ages (including all the films, books and essays. Interesting reading). I then went and bought myself a decent (as in wool lined and faux-fur lined on the hood) winter coat (Y138) for Taiwan ('cause knowing my luck a cold front'll come through just as I get there) and then came here to do a long overdue update email.

I got the call from the trave agent today too, I'm definately going to Taiwan. Wheee!!!! I leave on monday. Yes, I know, I know, it's cutting it close, but this is China. They like doing things at the last minute (which drives us westerners up the wall, but that's how they do things). So, it's back to Macau tomorrow.

I'm going to try a new route to get into Macau tomorrow too. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get through the border yesterday on the way in and 2 hours on the way back. This way is one that everyone keeps forgetting that it exists. So, tomorrow is the trial run. If it works I may not have to stay in Macau sunday night. Which would be classified as a GOOD thing. Aparently what you do is get a bus to one place and then a cab to WanZai. Then you breeze through the border and catch a ferry to Central in Macau. From there I'd get a cab to the international airport in Macau. As I said I'm going to do a trail run tomorrow to see if it works.

After that Doug and I are going to go to either Taipa or Coloane. We're not sure which one yet.

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