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Today I go to visit Count Dracula's Chinese cousin, otherwise known as the doctor that gets to do our medicals. I know it involves a blood test (of which I am going to kick up a big stink if I don't see the needle coming out of it's packaging, therefore meaning that it's a fresh needle and hasn't been used for anyone else) an ekg (ecg?), lung test, eye test, general health test. Joy.

On a random note, I finally shaved my legs this morning (which I'm sure you needed to know). It means that I can actually wear those skirts that I packed AND I can finally go shopping for shorts and cargo pants as well as picking up some nice t-shirts as I'm getting sick of constantly having to do washing! For the last few weeks I've been wandering around in long pants and melting from the humidity.

The VIP class I was supposed to do got cancelled. The lady wanted to do it, but the husband caught wind of the price and put his foot down. So, bored Sheena for the next week or so.

Visa runs out on the 22nd so I must talk to people tomorrow (namely Angela) see if they want me to go to Macau and get a new one or not. The next question is... How do I get to the Macau visa office??!! I know the address and how to get there (kinda) but I don't know what bus to catch or anything like that. I need to talk to Alicia about that 'cause she got her visa in Macau.

From what I've been hearing we move to ZhongShan on the 18th, so I won't be bored for much longer.

Oh, Jusco has Gundam Wing models. I've currently bought a Chibi-Shenlong (which is sooooooo cute!) and put it together, and an Endless Waltz Altron (Nataku) that's fully posable *squee*. They were fun to put together. I've been eyeing off the Wing Gundam and Wing Gundam Zero (unfortunately they didn't have any Deathscythe's *pout*). All the instructions were in Japanese but all the parts were numbered so I was following the pictures with the numbers (I.e A21 attaches to P.C B which attaches to C2... you get the idea). They're currently sitting on top of my TV attacking the sleeping Panda stuffed toy that was left behind by the previous tennants.

I need to go to Jusco tonight and get myself a teapot. Bought myself some Pu-er/Chrysanthynum tea from Yunnan (district in China famous for its' tea) last night and realised when I got home that I didn't have a teapot. Do'h! While I'm there I might grab some Sushi or something for dinner (Jusco has a sushi train/Japanese restaurant with decent food on the second level. It also has an English Menu. Very Important Fact!)

Finally got myself a pair of nice leather thongs last night at this tiny little shop in the back streets of Zhuhai. No more running around in my colorado's or dress heels anymore! Yay! My feet are thanking me for that. Payed 16Kuai or Yuan (Chinese RMB) for them. That's about $2.50-$3 australian. I'd've payed about $25australian at LEAST back home. They're a really nice pair of shoes. The store I went to had some really nice, cheap shoes so I'll probably be heading back there in the next few days and getting some more shoes, both stuff I can wear everyday (like sandles and thongs) and stuff I can wear in the classroom that won't make my feet really sweat. Sweaty feet = icky!

You wouldn't believe the size of the glasses of beer we get over here. There's this open-air bar just outside Jusco (yes, I spend a lot of time in and around that store 'cause it's so central) that sells glasses of San Miguel... of course their idea of a glass is a liiiiitle bit bigger than what I'm used to. It's like a stein of beer... only BIGGER!!!! It's a good thing that I like San Miguel.

We were getting some weird looks one night, well, me and the girls were getting weird looks, from the Chinese guys sitting at the bar next door (the bars are really more like stalls with a bar and some seats). We were drinking beer and pegging peanuts at eachother LOL!. It was kinda fun. I ended up taking a photo of one of the guys at the other bar to try and make him STOP STARING!!!! didn't work. He took a photo of us in return. Later he came over and took a picture of himself and Sam together... odd man... of course Sam's blonde haired and blue eyed so that would probably be a bit of a novelty for him.

Nothing else really exciting to report. I'm just trying to kill some time before I got to meet Count Dracula's cousin *shudder*. I really shouldn't've read all those stories about Chinese hospitals and the like. It's making me a little nervous (and I don't like doctors at the best of times!).

Oh, a friend in GuangZhou has offered to buy me a copy of the next Harry Potter when it comes out since I can't find any English language books over here (which is slowly driving me up the WALL!!) and he lives near a place that always sells English language stuff (cue the Hallelujah Chorus).

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