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Well, it's been a while since I updated so I thought I should probably do one. There's not that much to report, but I'll try to make it interestingt.

Okay, on Monday I went to ZhongShan to visit some of my old students. I had fun, but they literally wouldn't let me pay for anything! Lunch was at a Japanese restaurant. I enjoyed the food (and ate a few things I've never tried before. Raw fish is not high on my list of things that I'll eat again, but at least I tried it). When it came time for us to pay the bill William (the only guy at the table) paid before anyone else could.

After lunch I went shopping with Stephanie. We went to her sisters clothing store. She sells designer stuff, y'know, that really expensive stuff that we wouldn't be able to afford in Australia in a million years. Yeah, one of those stores. Steph was determined that she was going to find something that would fit me. We found a pair of pants that almost fit, but they were too tight in the leg and waaaaaay too big in the waist. Then we moved to skirts. After about two we found one that was perfect! I winced a little at the price (Y198), but I was going to buy it 'cause I liked it and it's so hard to find clothes here. When I went to pay Steph slams her hand on the counter and goes "No! Your money not good here!". Apparently since it was her sisters store she doesn't have to pay for anything so she got the skirt for me. I'm really glad that the pants didn't fit 'cause they were Y398!!

Then she tries to give me this gorgeous red shirt (that didn't quite fit) and tried to give me one of those designer mens sports shirts to give to my boyfriend (I don't have one and told her so). THEN she reaches into the display case and pulls out this cute purse in the shape of a mouse, throws it at me, and tells me to take it. If she had her way I would've walked out of there with around Y600 worth of stuff!

At lunch William had told me to call him after we'd finished shopping as he would drive me home (it takes and hour to get from ZhongShan to ZhuHai). I told him I was quite happy to take the bus and got told in no uncertain terms that he was not letting me catch a bus home. So, after Steph and I had finished shopping she calls him and drops me back at TPR to wait for him. When he picks me up I was told that he had a friend that he had to go and get and then he wanted to show me something. His friend turned out to be this lady that he was studying English with (he was at a different school. He followed up with his threat to quit TPR since I was no longer his teacher). He drives us to snobsville (Cookie cutter mansions) and shows me the house he'd bought worth around Y2000000.

We were then driven to ZhuHai, to this VERY expensive restaurant. Yet again I was not allowed to pay. The meal was VERY expensive, that's all I'm going to say about it. Very expensive and VERY nice!!!

Apart from that, nothing much is happening. I'm now the guest Choir teacher for the school, um.... yeah, nothing else.

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photo by: Advoc8