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So, not long after getting back from Thailand I landed a role in a TV movie. That was an experience and a half! I didn't even think I had the part until I got a phone call at 11:20am saying that the person that they wanted didn't turn up so could I do it. Originally I'd had the part but my chinese wasn't good enough so they found someone else. They still wanted Macro to be there though (Macro's one of my chinese friends, female). So, I was up and in a van to the movie set within 20 minutes of getting the call.
Originally the whole part was supposed to be in Chinese, but I had about 30 minutes to try and learn a hell of a lot of lines so they said "Right, she can do most of it in English and just deliver these lines in Chinese". Easier said than done. I had 30 minutes to try and learn a stack of lines in chinese AND english. I concentrated more on the Chinese 'cause I had to try adn sound like I was fluent in the language when I delivered them. To top it off I RECOGNISED the actors I'd be working with that day. They were famous.
On top of that, one of the people working on the project really ticked Macro off so she stormed off and headed home. Prepare to watch Sheena have a minor freak out session as I couldn't understand HALF of what was being said around me. One of the famous guys says something to me which I think was supposed to be reassuring. Five mintues later the assistant director goes tearing out of the room on his mobile to try and race Macro down and get her back. Thankfully he go her back or I would've been royally screwed.
So, I spent an entire day on a set. It was a lot of fun (once I finally got my lines down). Trying ot remember my lines, not trip over the light or the camera or the railway tracks that I had to walk between was fun. I didn't trip. I was given some advice by one of the famous guys "Think of your feet, then you won't be nervous"... of course if I thought of my feet I would've thought of the guy laying on the floor at my feet holding a microphone looking terribly uncomfortable. THEN there was the famous guy pulling faces at me when I was trying to deliver a serious line.
All in all I had a good day. Got paid for it too.
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photo by: Advoc8