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The tram thingy that goes to Victoria Peak

I went to Hong Kong for a few days to see my cousin last week. It was soooooo good to get out of China for a while (yes, I know Hong Kong is part of China now, but it's soooo different from the mainland I don't think of it as part of it).

I left for Hong Kong by going through Macau. I stopped on my way to the port and bought my plane tickets for my next holiday (I'm going to go to Thailand for the May holidays for a few days). My passport is going to look very interesting by the time I get home again. Not that long to go now ^_^.

Anyway, I caught the ferry from Macau and headed over to Hong Kong. It was such a clear day that, for once, the water didn't look brown or gray... though it looked like a beautiful aqua colour by the time we started passing some of the islands away from the mainland.

Up at Victoria Peak
It's acutally quite beautiful out near the islands.

Anyway, I got into Hong Kong and headed to the nearest MTR trainstation. My aim: to get a 3 day tourist train pass ($220HK which gets you three days unlimited travel on the mtr $20 worth of credit for other transport AND one trip on the airport line). First station I came to was Tsim Sha Tsui (pron: chim sha cheway) so that's where I got my ticket (incidentally, I spent far more time at that station while I was in transit then I did anywhere else except for maybe central). After I bought my ticket I hopped on the train and made my way to the Airport.

By this time it was about 5:00. Kayleen'd managed to get on an earlier flight (she called my mobile) so I decided to hang around the airport till her plane got in at 8pmish.

Hong Kong skyline from the Avenue of the Stars
I went to Spaghetti house and had a salad and garlic bread. Quite nice. I then wandered upstairs to the departures lounge to have a look around. What should I find there but a stall selling Ben & Jerry's icecream. Now, on the advice of a good friend (thanks Emma *POKE*) I tried some. The unfortunatley didn't have any Phish Food *pouts*, but that had a double chocolate fudge which was so fudge-ey that my mouth was sticking together.

I also managed to find myself a Lonely Planet Australian English Phrasebook, which I bought. I know, I'm Australian, but once I'm done reading it I'm going to give it to my flatmate for a read (she STILL says she needs subtitles for me sometimes).

After that I wanded down to the arrivals hall to wait for Kayleen to get in. She finally appeared at the gate at about 8:30ish and we headed over to the hotel she was staying at (airport regal.

Hong Kong Skyline from the Avenue of the Stars
VERY nice). We had dinner in the restaurant at the hotel (a very swish restaurant I might add).

It was one of the most comfortable beds I've slept on in a while I have to say.. unfortunatley I had troubles sleeping. It was too quiet (you can tell I've got used to sleeping on a main road in China) LOL.

Next morning dawned bright and clear (a rarity in this particular part of the world... the clear part that is) so we headed up to Victoria Peak for a view over Hong Kong. The view was breathtaking (and the trip was kind of... umm... well, let's just say that I was reminding myself halfway down that the peak tram had never had an accident!). We had breakfast up there.

After that we headed down to Yau Ma Tei (Yow mah tay) for a squiz at the Jade market.

Up at the giant seated buddha in Hong Kong
On the way we passed the police station used in Rush Hour 2 *grin*. I got myself a gorgeous green jade flower necklace when I was there.

After that we headed to Mong Kok and the Ladies market. The place was packed and we even saw a buddhist nun wandering about in there in full robes. I got myself a Gucci *cough*fake*cough* handbag 'cause my old was was starting to fall apart. $75 (I bargined him down from $90).

By this time it was getting later and we hadn't eaten much all day at all so we headed for SoHo for lunch. We went to the worlds lngest escalator (I'm not kidding. It takes 20 minutes to get to the top of the bloody thing!). We had Mexican for lunch. El Taco Loco. Soooooo good!

After lunch we headed to the Avenue of the Stars.

Worlds largest seated bronze Buddha, Hong Kong
The place where you can go to see the handprints of famous Hong Kong movie stars. I got to see Jacky Chan's (he's got a funny right thumb and teeny tiny hands) and Chow Yun Fat (also teeny tiny hands!). By this time it was getting late and we were getting stuffed so we headed back to the hotel 'cause kayleen had to check out by 8pm. It was soooooooo good to sit down!

Once Kayleen had checked out and I'd seen her safely checked into the airport I hopped on the airport bus with my backpack and headed to Tsim Sha Tsui to the place I was going to be staying for the night. Ran into a creepy guy on the bus but finally managed to ditch him at the hotel thank god, didn't see him till the next morning and then I preteneded to ignore him...even when he sat in my direct line of sight. I'm getting very good at ignoring people.

Another view of the seated Buddha
You have to with the beggars around here (you have to. They come right up to you, mutter right in your ear and bang their bowls on your arm. It's annoying and kind of scary so you just try to ignore them. We got chased down the street by one one evening. Begging is a profession here. Most of them have a hell of a lot more money than you think and work for one criminal group or another).

I went for Mexican for dinner too. A big bowl of Nachos and a mug of homemade Sangria (of which I keep forgetting NOT to eat the fruit). after that headed back to my hotel and read for a while (I forgot to mention that I'd bought a lonely planet guide to Thailand while I was at the airport). Then went to sleep.

Breakfast next morning was McDonalds (hey! it was closest) and then I headed to Central station to buy my ticket to Disneyland. Yup, I have now been to Disneyland (a teeny tiny version of it that you can walk around in under 10 minutes). I got myself a pair of personalised mickey mouse ears (like I've always wanted!). they embroidered my name onto them for free *wheeeee*. Now I really want to go to the one in american and go on Pirates of the Caribbean.

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The tram thingy that goes to Victo…
The tram thingy that goes to Vict…
Up at Victoria Peak
Up at Victoria Peak
Hong Kong skyline from the Avenue …
Hong Kong skyline from the Avenue…
Hong Kong Skyline from the Avenue …
Hong Kong Skyline from the Avenue…
Up at the giant seated buddha in H…
Up at the giant seated buddha in …
Worlds largest seated bronze Buddh…
Worlds largest seated bronze Budd…
Another view of the seated Buddha
Another view of the seated Buddha
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong skyline on the way up to…
Hong Kong skyline on the way up t…
Hong Kong skyline on the way up to…
Hong Kong skyline on the way up t…
Up on Victoria Peak
Up on Victoria Peak
Little statue thingy on Victoria P…
Little statue thingy on Victoria …
Hong Kong
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