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First of all, happy new year everyone! Hope you had a good time, I know I did. Here's how my new year went.

Saturday: Slept until ridiculously late (but hey, I knew I was going to be getting to bed late that night and it was my first weekend off in about 4 months!). Got up, pottered about the house doing pretty much nothing for the whole day. Oh, yeah, watched the rest of Arabian nights (anybody remember that teleseries that was on tv a few years back? I found the dvd, you find some really RANDOM stuff over here) which took most of the rest of the day. Went to Angel's (it's probably not called that, but it's beneath Angel's hair salon so that's what we've dubbed it) and had this absolutely DIVINE eggplant dish and sweet and sour pork ribs (sooooooo good). High point was Michelle finding an eyeball in her soup (and no, she didn't eat it. We took a picture thought ^_^).

After that we went home and got ready for our night out. The teachers of TPR had an invite to the biggest party in China (I'm not kidding. They move it around every year. There were about 20, 000 people there and we're not counting the roughly 10, 000, 000 viewers from around the world!). Anyway, half the teacher didn't go saying that it'd be stupid (one even said that there was no way he was going somewhere where he wouldn't be able to drink. My respect for said teacher keeps dropping every time I talk to him), but some of us went because a) we had nothing better to do and b) because it's new years in china, how many opportunities like this would come up?

So we were standing around near the gate of the sports arena waiting for Susanna (one of the Chinese office ladies) to come back with the tickets when over runs the shows director with a translator. They needed some foreigners for one segment of the show. We all looked at eachother, shrugged, and said why not. So, I ended up being part of a show that was probably seen by about 10, 000, 000ish people. I had an absolute ball! About one minute before we were due to go on they bought out a handful of small children and shoved them at some of us (I got one, cute little girl with a curly haired wig. I think they were trying to match us up somehow). Anyway, it was a really good show even if I didn't know who over half the famous people were LOL. I'm glad I went.

I didn't get to bed until 4:30am that night though. I was sooooo tired when the family called the next day at 11. After that call (and it was soooo good to hear everybody), Michelle and I got our butts in gear (very slowly) and headed over to Macau. That was the most interesting bus ride I've ever had. I spent half of it standing up squashed between a window and a decent looking guy. The bus was absolutely PACKED. Everyone had the same idea: get on the bus, go to Macau. It was a good afternoon. I managed to buy myself an around the house jumper ('cause I didn't have anything remotely warm to wear around the apartment and that place can get FREEZING even on a warm day in winter 'cause it's all tile). We went out for dinner to that Nepalese restaurant that we like with one of the other teachers, her boyfriend, and their friend that's out from Sweden. After that we came back to Zhuhai.

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